They Are Roman Catholics, Not Catholics.

Why are Roman Catholics now called simply Catholics?  This new nomenclature appears to be universal, yet the world catholic can equally be applied to the Protestant Church.   Catholic simply means the ”whole” in ancient Greek.  They should be called Roman Catholics, surely, as they used to be.

A South African friend of mine was training to be a Roman Catholic priest.  He was formerly an actor.  He was asked by his mentoring priest if he had any further questions at the end of his first day’s instruction, to which he replied,”How do I get to be Pope?”

Not surprisingly, he did not succeed at that vocation.  He now trains Yuppies to sell life assurance, a task at which he excels.

His hairstyle does look exactly right for a Roman Catholic priest, though, long and grey, down to his neck, yet bald down the middle track.  With his acknowledged acting skills, it has to be said he’d have made an excellent pope, if only they’d given him a break.

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2 Responses to “They Are Roman Catholics, Not Catholics.”

  1. Craig says:

    As a Catholic, I find the “Roman” prefix irritating mainly due to the kind of people who make a point of using it. E.g. NI unionists, American evangelical types, etc. The implication of their using “Roman” is obviously that the 1 billion+ Catholics of the world are nothing more than slaves of Rome.

    Anti-Catholicism being an “acceptable” form of prejudice in a world where none dare criticise Islam, Judaism or the innumerable other multicultural faiths.

    When used in good faith, as I assume you are doing, there’s no problem.

    Still reading the blog, Tap! Greetings from Ireland.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Good to hear from you, Craig. Point taken.

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