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It’s beach time again, and boats.  Obviously that means I’m not in the UK, but far away where sometimes the minutiae of daily politics in Britain seem remote and not so significant.  A quick browse of events suggests nothing worthy of blogging, and I will be away for a few days now.  A couple of thoughts while signing off…

The big event of next week will be the Federal Reserve’s decision about quantitative easing.  So much expectation has been built up that this will save the world’s economy from a downturn, yet that is an odd basis on which to construct optimism, to say the least.   There are limits to the amount the Fed can do, in buying large IOU notes and then issuing cash to splurge across asset markets, keeping prices higher a while longer before they finally come back down to earth.


Cameron and Hague are proving disappointing as eurosceptics as many predicted they would be.  I reserved judgement before the election, and said that even if they were to prove disappointing, the right vote in the General Election was still Conservative, as one Carswell sitting in the Commons was worth a thousand Farages, stuck outside the real action in The Commons.

However in the European Elections, coming up in two more years, you could imagine a surge in UKIP support, in the light of Cameron’s unwillingness to confront the issue.  This in turn might translate into more seats lost by the Conservatives in the Commons in 2015.

The only way to neutralise the issue will be to hold an IN/OUT referendum.  And Carswell is proposing as such.  Who knows?  Events might give this traction.  UKIP could offer to stand down if the referendum is held.  The issue will not be going away.  Meanwhile we all feel somewhat disappointed, and will need to endure a few more years of idiocy, corruption and bankruptcy before the Euroblanket is removed and we can breathe fresh democratic air, and grow our economy once again.

I”ll be back when the regatta’s over, or when some event grabs my attention.

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