Jobs Not Cuts Will Decide The Government’s Popularity

Comres Poll For Newsround – borrowed from Guido
The young don’t want tax rises.  They want cuts.

The key to government popularity will not be the cuts and their effects. They are already known to be popular with the majority. The key will be employment – jobs.

The focus should move onto the employment market, and the capacity and willingness of firms to employ. If the cuts are accompanied by a lessening of the regulatory load on employers, and the minimum wage is no longer set nationally at one of the highest rates in the world, employers might be willing to keep carrying the load.
But if there is no regulatory relief, and the costs of employment keep rising, while growth is low or falling, then the government will be in trouble.
This is the critical factor. Will enough of the people entering the private sector start businesses of their own, and will enough employers want to expand their operations to absorb the millions already out of the work, plus the growing numbers entering the labour force through population growth, as well as the new numbers exiting the public sector.
This will be the critical factor, not what the government can do, but what it does or doesn’t do to stop people from helping themselves.
As this (employment) is the most critical aspect economically and politically, it is odd to find that it gets not a mention in any MSM, where all the talk is about cuts and nothing else. The blogs should take over where Andrew Marr finds himself unable to face up to reality. It’s all about jobs, stupid.

Comment from Politicalbetting –

161. A very comforting poll, even if it is on Guido’s site.
Its heartning to know the nations young people are so sensible. Once the selfish, childish, self absorbed baby boom/sixties generation has shuffled off to their retirement homes they might, just might be hope for this country after all.

     by GIN October 11th, 2010 at 23:41

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