Guido’s Admiration For Cameron Shines Through

Guido’s Monday Morning Cartoon

Guido Fawkes has his own way of showing admiration.  Cameron’s selling off great swathes of Forestry Commission lands to raise a few billions of Pounds is the topic he is highlighting this morning.  Farmland and forestry are at record highs and fetching good prices.  Unlike Gordon Brown’s selling off the gold at the bottom of the market, this is far more intelligent.

The way that this is applauded by Guido is to call Cameron a C.U.N.T.  I suppose that inasmuch as Gordon was a stupid C….., Dave is a clever one.

Sometimes I feel I need an interpreter when trying to understand the Y Generation and their use of the English language.  Of course, they never drilled in front of a Seargeant Major as we X Generation did, and have felt free to put new values on words which were previously fixed in their definition.  Cunt to us was usually a bad word, though not in every case.

Our RSM, fort example, screamed – ”Fawkes, you’re  a cunt.”

Then a second later, in quieter voice.  ”No.  You’re not.  Cunts are useful.”

David Cameron will be most assured by the compliment, I am sure, by the idea that he might at least be a useful one.  Guido is spiking his language with yet another twist in the meaning of a very ancient word, it seems, or am I being overly complicated?  Sheakespeare, he is not.  But his audience still has to think deeply to be able to follow his meanings, especially on Mondays.

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