Gordon The Great, Who Saved The Pound.

Britain’s Former PM, and Hero, as portrayed on www.order-order.com
Guido’s blogging once more about the number of days Gordon Brown is attending Parliament.   Basically he’s not attending at all.  This fact is met with the usual baying of the mob demanding he hand back his pay, which he isn’t earning, or that he face the humiliation in the Chamber which is his due.
I had another thought, which I added in the comments –
He’s desperately hoping for a position in the IMF or the EU, but Cameron will not be seeking to assist him, I doubt.
Yesterday’s man is, in any case, despised by the IMF and the EU and the One World Government structures which he latterly signed up to, but only once Blair was gone, but that was too late to rescue the failed attempt to lock Britain permanently into economic subordination.
He is now rejected by those he thought would underwrite his future, because he failed to back Blair’s campaign to get Britain into the Euro in 1999, at the moment of maximum opportunity.  The EU and the IMF will never forgive him for this strategic loss.
Not only that but he then himself lost power to the dreaded Conservatives, who terrify the EU with their more than occasional talk of the R word. Brown lost the election despite wall to wall media and bureaucratic support, a campaign of electoral fraud and constituency rigging to shame a banana republic. He even fell for Nick Clegg’s ”you resign, Gordon, and we’ll sign into a Lib Lab coalition next” ruse.
The OWG will not forgive Brown for the lost opportunity to enslave Britain which the Blair years presented. We should not be jeering Brown.  We all should be eternally grateful to Brown for fucking up the Blair programme. He may have been mad, dyfsfunctional, aggressive and congenitally uncooperative, but the clunking fist saved this country, and sacrificed his own chances by doing so. It might have all been motivated by jealousy against Blair, as he wanted all the credit for destroying Britain for himself, to the point that he would do anything he could to jeopardise Blair’s chances, but in the process he saved us.  He should forever be known as St Gordon of Kirkcaldy. He should be mentioned in prayers at Westminster, as Gordon The Great.  In his dreams he saved the world economy by being the first to launch quantitative easing and rescue banks.  This is highly debatable.  But what is not at issue is that it was him who saved the Pound and His Country.


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8 Responses to “Gordon The Great, Who Saved The Pound.”

  1. I thought it was more Balls than Brown that saved us from the Euro.

    Balls allegedly wrote the 5 tests on the back of an envelope in a taxi.

  2. Tapestry says:

    But the motivation was to spoke Blair’s wheels, whichever nonentity found a way to achieve that intention. The Brown camp was in place because of Gordon’s pretensions to power, and not for the saving of the currency. Yet that accidentally is what these buffoons achieved.

  3. I don’t doubt what you say Mr Tap, just that Balls deserves more of the credit than Brown – as much as I say that through gritted teeth.

    The outcome is the same, so I suppose it doesn’t really matter too much

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where is your condemnation of the Cameron sell-out on the EU budget increase?

    He is a vile europhile traitor and you were wrong about him. Admit it.

  5. Tapestry says:

    My advice was to vote Conservative at the GE, and I would still give that advice. I said that it was possible that Cameron would not sell out. But I said that he could be removed as Conservative leader if he was by the 1922 and the backbenchers.

    There is a long way to go before we see what happens. He may yet offer a referendum, or be choosing a better battle to fight. I always said he would first of all secure the voting system. That has not yet been secured. Postal voting. Boundaries etc.

  6. Robin says:

    So you`re saying that Cameron wont do anything properly until he`s sorted the voting system ?
    He`ll mismanage , maladministrate and cave in until…?

    It`s like lions eating a Zebra and we`re told he`s playing dead .
    (Alexy Sayle )

    Admit it – Cameron is useful EU fodder .

  7. Tapestry says:

    Lions eating a zebra? More like a pile of sickly rats nibbling on a sleeping lion’s tail.

    Cameron is getting his teeth closer to their balls each time the topic plays up. As the media awakes and the public see more and more disgusting cases of the european arrest warrant, popular support for the EU and media support is wilting.

    The Lib Dems will only budge on the issue once public opinion threatens them with extinction. The Conservatives won’t bring the coalition down until the electoral system is cleansed.

    Meanwhile there is as you say no fight being offered. The armies are in the field but battle not yet joined. It will take a spark to ignite the situation. Cameron is too cunning to advertise any moves in advance.

  8. Robin says:

    Cameron has caved in and already the newspapers are moving on.

    Now was the time to put country before party, but again the Tories show selfishness .

    What would WE (not him or the Tories ) have lost if he had stood firm ?
    Nothing . In fact we would have gained . But Cameron wants the aproval of the colleagues before the British.

    No excuses . You should vote UKIP, BNP, EDP or anyone but the three main parties .

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