Fox Is Right. Cameron Must Open Up The Defence Debate

In the discussion of defence there is no mention of threats faced.

Russia is rearming.

1000 Planes and helicopters.
5000 battle tanks.
A new submarine fleet.

Fox is right to assess the risks before committing to decisions, to create a rationale other than how much will it cost?  Osborne must take on board that we face risks other than merely financial ones.  Cameron needs to think more deeply about the options.  If we weaken ourselves we invite Russian aggression.  Countries like Georgia, Ukraine, Romania are vulnerable.  If we lose control there, Putin could threaten the Balkans, and send Europe into a new era of fear of aggression.  It seems a barmy moment to be cutting back, just as our only real potential enemy in the region is rapidly rearming.

People too easily write off the Russian conscript army.  Russia also possesses a professional armed forces section which is hungry to make up for past humiliations.  I would see the threat of further Russian aggression as 100 per cent.  Fox may not be liked by Cameron and his core team, but in this case, he is dead right.  Listen to him.

Telegraph says Armed Forces are behind Fox.

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