The EU Needs A New Treaty. That Means a Renegotiation and A Referendum. Doesn’t it, Mr Cameron?

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In a joint statement, Sarkozy and Merkel said: “France and Germany believe that it is necessary to revise the [Lisbon] Treaty.” The revision should be aimed at “establishing a permanent and robust mechanism to ensure an orderly resolution of crises in future […] The necessary amendments should be adopted and ratified by member states in accordance with their respective constitutional rules in due course by 2013.”


Open Europe’s Mats Persson is quoted in the Telegraph saying, “This is potentially a hugely significant development. The coalition will simply have to call a referendum should these new powers for the EU spill over to Britain. But this also represents an ideal opportunity for the UK to ask for powers back in return for allowing the eurozone to restructure, since the UK government will hold a veto over any treaty change [at the level of all 27 member states].”

If Persson is right and the Coalition is forced to hold a referendum, the consequences could be very serious as the chances of Britain voting YES to any increase in EU powers are low.

If Britain first renegotiates before proposing a referendum be held, what will the Coalition ask for?

The end of the Working Time Directive.

The End of the European Arrest Warrant being applied without British supervision.

The withdrawal from the Social Chapter,

The Common Fisheries Policy,  the Common Agricultural Policy.

What else would be needed before British people would vote for a revision to the Lisbon Treaty?

Or will Cameron’s EU promises really be thrown out to dust?  It will be a moment which few of his supporters will forget, if he does.  He will be seen as no more than another Blair, who lies for convenience.  The consequences for Cameron and the Coalition could not be more serious of these latest EU developments.

You could even imagine UKIP pushing Conservatives into second place in the EU elections, if Farage is presented with such an open goal.
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2 Responses to “The EU Needs A New Treaty. That Means a Renegotiation and A Referendum. Doesn’t it, Mr Cameron?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cameron will dodge the issue -he is just as good as Blair was at that- and he will have the BBC right behind him.

  2. Tapestry says:

    This could threaten Cameron’s credibility to breaking point. Blair never mentioned the offer of a referendum. Cameron and Hague have done so several times now. This will be the acid test, which could threaten their credibility and thence the very survival of the coalition. A resurgent UKIP would only help Miliband, but anger has no rationality.

    If Hague and Cameron go ahead with a referendum their credibility is intact.

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