The Age Of Blair. Blood And Waste.

The end of New Labour. They’ve lost it basically. At one time it was all smiles with Four Weddings And A Funeral. Now it’s just one long funeral – their own (and those they send to die) – borne out best by their fatuous artistic creations.

This is Blairisim sped up. It starts with smiles and laughs and friendly sounding banter. Shortly afterwards, people explode. Most appropriate. 

At least Miliband Red doesn’t seem so keen on blood as his brother Dracula Miliband, who, like Blair, also can’t get enough of the stuff.  He’s a true follower of blood-lust Blair.  Baltic SS.  Fox slaughter.  Torture.  Like Hitler who was the first European to ban the hunting of animals, the hunting, torture and killing of humans is just fine, whether that be in pictures or in real life.

Ed might be Red, but he won’t splatter the red stuff around quite so freely, I doubt. 

They say that fact is stranger than fiction.  This film merges the two, and encapsulates the falseness of the Blair smile perfectly, the most deceitful, illiberal and authoritarian Prime Minister in our history, acting, all the time, as if he was on a jaunt.  His autobiog is called The Journey.  That says nothing.  This film has it right.  The only title befitting to the era of Blair should be the word – Blood.   To that might be added one more word – Waste.

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