Who Coined ”Red Ed”?

70. ”Red Ed” was coined by Iain Dale on LBC.

Commenter Sean Fear on PB wrote this today.

The poll that astonished me was the Conservatives leading Labour 38:33 with Yougov, straight after their awful 2003 Conference (obviously, it didn’t last). Sean Fear

Were you at the conference?  I was.  It was a joyous occasion with IDS making a great speech, memorable with phrases such as ‘Mr Blair, no one believes a single word you say.’  The media refused to present such trashing of their hero in a favourable light, and the nation heard only their echo or take.  It was a time of great hope that we might get our commitment to the CFP revoked, that we would get out of the EPP and that we might get a crack at withdrawal from the EU.  Everyone in the room that I spoke to thought it was a great speech.  But the nation heard only Mark Mardell.

All the excitement and hope at the conference was buried, and IDS’ assassination went ahead immediately with all wings of the media moving in for the kill.  Sadly it was in pre blogosphere days and with Alastair Campbell calling the media tune entirely, Conservative MPs crumbled, and failed to back IDS by 6.  The moment of hope was snuffed out.

Even Labour voters liked IDS.  People trusted him.  Only in the Westminster village was he disliked.  They just had to get rid of him as he was making the demiGod Blair and the EU look vulnerable.  Truth telling was simply impermissible in 2003, where the world and his wife was being sent to war.

Even IDS underestimated Blair’s capacity to lie, and he fell for the military ‘intelligence’ that Alastair Campbell cooked up.

Interesting that David Blood Miliband is trying to get some traction out of Burma.  He really loves to find the bloodiest and most bestial arenas to frame his politics, the Baltic SS, fox slaughter, and now Burma’s genocidal junta.   Ed’s topics seem a lot more mundane.  David’s ”Í’m not here to wage class war, but to end class war” quote might easily be reversed. ”I’m here to end class war, by successfully waging class war.”  

With Red Ed stripping away the nation’s potential to build private wealth, and in the same breath expanding the nation’s debts, here is the perfect recipe for financial disaster.  They might as well say it straight, Vote For National Bankruptcy.  We Know How To Feck Capitalism.

Marxist Recipe to End Class War.

Stop people making money.
Tax the money that they do have.
Spend it.
Borrow and spend more.
Economy collapses.
End all private ownership, blaming speculators, and private greed.
Nationalise everything.
Force everyone to undergo indoctrination and retraining.
All must wear red and worship Lenin.
Class War is over.
Miliband has won.

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