Warsi ‘Labour MPs Elected By Fraud’.

Sayeeda Warsi , said in an interview today

There are at least three seats where we lost, where we didn’t gain the seat, based on electoral fraud. 

Let’s have a guess then.  At least three seats is playing the allegations down to the defensible minimum statement of the real situation.  It means there were potentially thirty seats where fraud lost the Conservatives seats, and awarded them to Labour.  The fraud, which Sayeeda says was based predominantly amongst Asian voters,  was well known about by Gordon Brown, and the New Labour zombies, let’s have no doubt.  Without it, they would have had thirty less seats, and Conservative thirty more, giving a clear outright majority to Conservative.

Nick Clegg is tidying up the system for postal and proxy voting.   If he does a good job, Labour will have not a chance of becoming the country’s government for a generation, once the constituencies have been equalised, if overseas voters are brought back in and encouraged to vote, and if there is an electoral pact with the Lib Dems, Labour might be driven down to a tiny number of seats.

Let’s hope!




Officials at Calderdale Council, which covers Halifax, say the signatures of every single postal ballot that arrived on the day of the general election were checked throughout the night. But Philip Allott, the Conservative’s candidate who lost to Labour, says the current vote-checking system cannot tell whether someone has voted multiple times using more than one postal vote.

“It is possible in Calderdale to apply for multiple postal votes because although the signature of the application form and security slip when the person votes are cross-checked via scanning, the scanner does not check whether the person has voted twice or more,” he said. “We can’t say for sure whether fraudulent voting affected the outcome but I do believe there is enough prima facie evidence to show that fraud happened. It’s simply not good for democracy when this sort of uncertainty exists.”

The Conservatives in Halifax say that they cannot afford to launch a legal challenge which would need to be submitted by tomorrow. Mr Allott said the rules stating that complaints have to be launched within 21 days of an election meant there was not enough time or money to gather evidence.

“Just to launch a challenge would cost around £100,000 – or £200,000 if we lost,” he said.

So none of it will come to light. 

Except when it does as here –


Conservativehome – October 10th.  Behind Sunday Times paywall.

Police to investigate allegations of voter fraud in Halifax and also Poplar and Limehouse
“Police are to investigate voting in at least two constituencies that the Conservatives believe they may have lost at the general election because of fraud. Dossiers compiled by Tory activists in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and Poplar and Limehouse, east London, have been passed to the authorities. Questions have also been raised about polling in Bradford West.” – The Sunday Times (£)
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4 Responses to “Warsi ‘Labour MPs Elected By Fraud’.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Evidence? You have none.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Constituencies like Halifax were lost, for example, where the Labour majority was thin. The Conservative candidate had evidence of extensive vote rigging, but when he found it would cost £250,000 to mount a legal challenge to the result, he backed off. He only had a month to do so in any case, and he was timed out. That was not the only example.

  3. Without it, they would have had thirty less [sic] seats, and Conservative thirty more, giving a clear outright majority to Conservative.

    Tap: I thought you blamed UKIP for the Tory’s failure to win a majority, now it’s election fraud?

  4. Tapestry says:

    Such perjorative language Frog. UKIP took 30 seats from Conservative yes. So did electoral fraud, on top. I don’t blame UKIP. I merely wonder if thst was in UKIP’s best interests in the last election.

    Let’s look ahead.

    Assume electoral fraud is nailed, constituencies equalised, Lib Dem and Conservative enter a longer term pact, overseas voters are brought back in. Let’s assume that the CoGo fixes the economy after five to ten years.

    Labour should be marginalised.

    Even more so would they be if UKIP were brought on board. That could happen.

    If the EU hits a bad patch and drifts into further disintegration as seems inevitable, the question of Britain’s longterm interests would be called into question. If UKIP promotes the EU referendum movement, and that policy is copied by the CoGo or by Labour, you would turn politics your way, and find your way back into mainstream all at once.

    I suspect that many Ukippers don’t want to come back in from the cold, and prefer to remain inside the EU which guarantees them a role. UKIP might yet become the stumbling block on getting Britain out of Europe, preferring a soiling role than a constructive one.

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