Long Recession Sends Americans Nuts

This fella seems to have psychological problems, but he doesn’t actually.  He’s travelling right down the middle of the track in the current American right wing stream of politics.  Anger.  Rage.  Determination.  Religious Fervour.  It’s all in the mix, and something entirely alien to phlegmatic irreligious Brits, who feel embarrassed admitting  to each other they have any emotions at all, except through some satirical side view.

The power of this anger in America against the State is
a. growing
b. seen as normal (No one laughed in the audience)
c. will not be backing down

OK have a good laugh, but don’t underestimate the seriousness of this man and millions like him, as the richest nation on earth girds up its loins for a political surge of retribution against the wastefulness and corruption of an earlier era.  The same anger might travel across the pond, and make a British and European version at some point.  Economic depressions have a nasty habit of sending folks a touch extreme, in places like Germany and France, for example.  In Blighty, the stiff upper lip still holds good for the most part when it comes to extremes of emotion, that and resorting to sense of humour…..remember this, for example?

What’s really bugging Americans is their economy.   These charts compare the current recession, which has been curiously declared as over by America’s National Bureau Of Economic Research, with earlier ones – not mentioning 1929 of course.  The growth line is still well into negative territory, and the downturn has run since December 2007.  The recession appears far from its end, and there is as yet no recovery nearly three years on, which explains the emotional outburst coming from the Tea Party candidate at the top.

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  1. salty says:


    Panic Surges over U.S., European Economic, Banking Meltdown


    Feb. 8, 2016.

    Panic swept through Europe, and Wall Street, today as markets and bank shares plunged to new lows.

    “Growth Fears Stalk European and Wall Street Stock Indices,” the City of London’s daily Financial Times trumpeted, explaining that “worries about the darkening outlook for global growth spreading across global markets.”

    Recession risks “are growing everywhere we look,” said one UBS analyst.

    “Developed and emerging markets are struggling in tandem, leaving no obvious areas to look for growth.”

    All European markets plummeted sharply: Paris, down 3.2%; Germany’s DAX, 3.30%, London’s FTSE, 2.71%, Milan, 4.69%, and Athens, a whopping 7.8%.

    Greek banking shares also tanked, by 27.21% for Piraeus Bank, 17.65% for Alpha Bank, and 29.2% for Eurobank.

    This was the case throughout Europe, with HSBC-London dropping 2.7%, Germany’s Commerzbank, 6.7%, and Deutsche Bank, 4.7%.

    No one escaped-BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Crédit Agricole, Barclays-all the big names.
    With good reason, ZeroHedge website referred it to a “European Bank Bloodbath…Not only is it time to panic, but the panic is ‘contagion’-ing over the sovereign risk market. European banks are in free fall.”

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