Silent 250 KW Wind Turbine

The bladed turbines despoiling the British countryside at vast expense only work in high winds that come from a pre-planned direction.  This unit works in light winds which are far more common in most of Britain, and with winds that move around in direction.  They are safe to birds, and are virtually silent.

The turbine rotates on a frictionless magnetic levitation axis (Maglev), and produces enough energy for 100? homes.  The wind can come from any direction, unlike the turbines being installed nationwide.   I don’t know how much they cost but I’ve enquired of the manufacturer in the USA, and will report back here later.

LATER – Price is ‘confidential’ of course!

I might have to become the distributor to be able to find out more.  I will have a look at it.

The pyramid doubles the effective windspeed, funnelling the wind up to the turbine.  A speed of 20 mph or over delivered in gusts to the turbine is enough to produce a very high output.

Water turbines are effective at 10 mph and are easier to work with as flow is usually more predictable than wind.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You do realise that bladed turbines turn into the wind?

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