Lanvuthlin (Llanfyllin) Academy Campaign. Why Should Welsh Children Suffer?

Art Students From The School Sit On Gwen Heaney Sculpture

Llanfyllin (pron. lan vuth lin) High School in Glyn Davies’s Constituency (formerly Lembit Opek) is threatened with closure, or part closure, and losing its sixth form. Teachers there are asking why they cannot elect to become an Academy. Is this option closed to Welsh schools? Why?

If the money was paid direct to the school and not delivered through three levels of bureaucracy, the children could have a far better facility. It is already the highest achieving sixth form in mid Wales. If Gove received a request from Llanfyllin, how would he respond?
Cameron says this is the end of the era of centralised decision taking.
Well. Here’s his chance.  Or are the Welsh to be second class citizens?


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Our Local Conservative Count Council member is Aled Davies

I spoke with Aled about Academy Status and he said that it had already been muted but kicked into touch because it wasn’t available in Wales. I mentioned that your response was to demand it ( we live in a democracy don’t we!).

Indeed we do, commenter.  David Cameron, the Prime Minister, says so.

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3 Responses to “Lanvuthlin (Llanfyllin) Academy Campaign. Why Should Welsh Children Suffer?”

  1. wildgoose says:

    It’s called Devolution, and Labour’s plan to ensure the existence of permanent Labour fiefdoms in Scotland and Wales, whilst trying to break up England in order to limit England’s power and freedom.

    The UK Parliament can’t interfere n Welsh schools, but Welsh (and Scottish and Northern Irish) Parliamentarians can all interfere in English schools, (only).

  2. Anonymous says:

    (pron. lan vuth lin)

    No it isn’t.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Please give a better alternative pronunciation so we can all be educated to a greater extent on this important aspect.

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