Groaning New Labour Zombies Finally Buried

Labour is a complete shambles.
It would be kinder to look the other way while they bury the corpse of New Labour. They only just now seem to realise that it has died. The smell has been bad for weeks, but somehow they all refused to accept the reality.
The NL banner which for a while rallied the party out of the dying embers of the era of industrial strife, is now itself on its way to the graveyard.
In its soul, Labour wants a speedy return to smokestack industrial warfare, Victorian mine owners and hungry children. But they are instead lost in a world defined by social security payments and supermarket shelves bursting with produce.
Only if they tax the country to oblivion do they stand a chance of wrecking the economy to the point where class warfare seems even a faint possibility. That, after all, is the only game they know.
New Labour was an attempt to cover up the fundamental pointlessness of the party, which has little purpose in the modern world. Declaring wars in far off countries was all Blair could find to define his party and his era.
Now all we have is a pointless argument as to which was the more pointless, the war or the party that decided that was all they could do with our country’s former wealth. As our wealth has now been well and truly squandered, there’s a limit to how much more pointlessness people can tolerate. I’m afraid Labour, provided with the full exposure that the modern media affords, are into the red zone in that regard. They are now the dull, pointless and dying party.
Let them slide off and hold their various political funerals in peace.  Now they realise the body is dead, let them bury it.  Maybe at last we might find our screens and journals becoming free from ghastly ghostlike figures from the New Labour morgue, who have been parading themselves like zombies talking avidly and with strange anticipatory enthusiasm, unaware of the seriousness of their true medical condition.


Prescot is out.  Miliband D is out of front bench politics.  Now Nick Browne Chief Whip is sacked.  There will be few New Labour zombies left in the frame.  Maybe Peter Hain will for some strange reason remain unburied.  The groans of the unburied, otherwise, are dying away.


From PB Comments

You know that whole Bounce parties normally get from a conference? Yeah…

Latest figures 29th Sept 2010; CON 41%, LAB 39%, LD 12%;

Latest government approval: +1 (Approve 41%, Disapprove 40%)

     by Steve Haynes September 29th, 2010 at 22:05
And here is Labour’s own self-produced epitaph celebrating its authoritarianism, and the ease with which they can turn smiles into blood.

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