The EU – The French Show How It’s Done

Whoever doubted that the French apply EU laws selectively to suit themselves.  Sarkozy is pressing ahead with deportations of Roma gypsies, which flies in the face of all the principles and rules of the EU, whereby all EU citizens can go anywhere they like without borders under Schengen.

Sarkozy sees the not-surprising reaction of the EU as a humiliation, as shown in this picture.

Why doesn’t Britain ignore all the stupid rules too, stopping immediately the European Arrest Warrant, and the sending of innocent Britons to rot in Greek and other jails while lawyers and judges make money – and the Working Time Directive, which is killing patients in hospitals and sending young doctors away in frustration that they are not allowed to do the job they signed up for.

Why don’t we feel humiliated at idiotic bureaucrats bossing us around at every turn while they wreck our economy, our society, our respect for the law and our belief in the sanity of our government?

Theresa May has said she will review the European Arrest Warrant over the next year.  That’s not good enough.  Do what the French do.  Just ignore the bloody thing.

And then go on TV expressing your humiliation at any attempt by the EU to make you change your mind.  They are powerless as Sarkozy is demonstrating.

Sarkozy we salute you.  But let’s face it, you piled on the EU pressure on us all in the first place, you evil dwarf.  But thanks for the lesson that all that crap you claimed to believe in so passionately, is simply a load of Ratners.  Can we assume the EU is over now?   If anyone complains, just say that this is most humiliating, close your eyes and put on a long face, and ignore them.


“Very violent clash” over Roma between Sarkozy and Barroso at the EU summit
French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Commission President José Manuel Barroso had a “very violent clash” over the Roma question at yesterday’s EU summit, according to Bulgarian Prime Minister Boïko Borissov. Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker also confirmed that a “virile confrontation” had taken place between the two leaders.
Le Monde quotes Steffen Seibert, a spokesman for the German government, disavowing Sarkozy’s claims that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was going to follow France’s example on the Roma question. “Chancellor Merkel did not speak at the European Council summit or in the sidelines of the summit with French President Sarkozy about Roma camps in Germany, and in no way about their dismantlement”, the spokesman said.
Meanwhile, EUobserver also notes that US officials have urged France to halt the expulsions and respect the human rights of Roma people.


Taking full advantage of the French language’s rich vocabulary of affront, he referred to Mrs. Reding’s comments as “hurtful,” “deplorable,” “shameful,” “gravely injurious,” “profoundly shocking,” and “outrageous.” They were, he added, “an injury, a wound, a humiliation.” But Mr. Sarkozy wasn’t finished.
He said his government began dismantling camps because they posed a threat to public order and were havens for criminality, besides being shoddy and unfit for habitation. Still, he said, “we acted and will continue to act in strict accordance with European directives,” including the antidiscrimination provisions. The memorandum naming Gypsies, he said, was replaced as soon as he learned of it.
“We will continue to dismantle illegal camps,” he said. France dismantled some 500 camps in August, Mr. Sarkozy said, of which more than two-thirds housed not foreign Gypsies but “gens du voyage,” people of French nationality who move about in caravans. (They aren’t deported.)

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