Ed’s The New Head

He’s all of a head teacher handing out the corrections.

Now Class, you were wrong about Iraq, cuts, taxes, AV, economy (boom & bust), equality and your marks are well down on what should have been expected. But we’ll remain optimistic, and most of you should get through next time. I want a big effort and you will need to adopt a very different attitude from hereon. Do I make myself clear?
NL was quasi religious, with Tony planning his next uplifting sermon in the vicarage. 
Different Labour is classroom, with Ed pontificating from behind the desk in his study.

Ed’s speech wasn’t an epoch defining moment.  It was more like ‘We need to pull our socks up.  We really do, don’t you see.’

EARLIER  .  Head Ed was speaking to another class on the subject of renewable energy.  He had this to say ‘It is socially unacceptable to be against wind turbines in your area’.  As the man says, ”come on, class.  now pull your socks up.”


One of the teachers who is refusing to accept a telling off from the new headteacher is his brother David, former head of foreign languages.

From Political Betting comments

Labour’s new leader Ed Miliband has said that going to war in Iraq was “wrong”, a statement that appears to grate with his brother David.

“His brother and defeated Labour leader contender David Miliband, who voted for the war, did not join in the applause. In footage shown on ITV news David Miliband turned to deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman and said: “You voted for it. Why are you clapping?”
Her response was unclear.”

Perhaps the muppet who wrote the BBC report needs to stop spinning and take the trouble to rerun the ITV or C4 tape.

     by Dr Spyn September 28th, 2010 at 19:31
Be that as it may, David Miliband’s walked out of the staff conference and has not signed an application to be reappointed to office.  Here is the break with the past that’s been coming for days.
Blair will be remembered for his Clause 4 repudiation, and his ill advised invasion of Iraq.   Ed the new Head will be remembered for saying the Iraq invasion was wrong, but not much else apparently.
Another PB commenter mentioned that Ed was just like a Head Boy at a school making a speech.  It seems like the school environment is where he’s at.  All we disagree over is whether he’s the Head Master or the Head Boy.

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