ECB President Sounds Like A Spoiled 9 Year Old

On Friday, Reuters reported that a memo from last week’s meeting of eurozone finance ministers said ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet “was outraged at the last Eurogroup by Slovakia’s refusal of a bilateral loan to Greece and said that had the ECB known Slovakia would behave like that, it would not have endorsed Slovakia’s euro adoption.” (Open Europe)

The first piece of democratic resistance that the EU meets and it’s sulks all round from those who imagine themselves omnipotent.  

Today the coalition announced the intention to bring forward the referendum lock, and to reform the 1972 European Communities Act.  Once that is put into effect, I imagine the babies in Brussels, used to always having their own way, will put on a sulk of massive proportions, and a few choice threats will be issued.  Some partnership.

But then again CARSWELL writes –

“This “lock” is worthless – and ministers must know it. Under the Lisbon Treaty (no referendum), the EU doesn’t need any more treaties to give itself more powers.  That, Mr Hague and Mr Lidington, was kind of the point of offering a referendum in the first place…
Incidentally, since we promised this “lock”, the EU has 1) established a diplomatic corps, which we voted through the Commons, 2) given Eurocrats control over the City, 3) extended the EU arrest warrant, and 4) agreed to an inflation-busting EU budget increase.  We’ve hardly stopped give the EU more powers since May, have we?
The idea this referendum “lock” stops Brussels from continuing to assume more powers, usually with ministerial acquiesce, is balls. We might have had a changed ministers at the Foreign Office this year, but I can see no evidence of any change in EU integrationist policy.”

Carswell is ridiculed by Helen Samuelzy on EU Referendum, asking what will he do about it, leave the Conservative Party that’s selling us out.

We listen a lot to Nigel Farage, Dan Hannan on the EU.  But the best speaker of them all is probably is still the fellow on youtube at the top, Tony Benn, here speaking against the EU Constitution two years ago.  He supports Ed Miliband.  Maybe Labour will dig us out if the Conservatives can’t.

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