Does Anybody Want The EU? Turks Don’t.

WSJ today – The percentage of Turks who believe joining the European Union would be a good thing has dropped to 38, down from 48 last year and 73 in 2004.

The wheels are falling off.  Turkey’s doing great outside the EU.  Why would she want to hamstring her economy with endless mind-numbing regulations? 

Yes Turkey is a geopolitical ally of great importance to Europe and the USA.  But as an independent prosperous fast-growing country, she is more likely to adhere to western commercial values, than if she gets dragged down to the level of the PIIGS. 
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Somebody better tell iDave, and the Magic Negro of course.


  2. tapestry says:

    The magical Negro is an archetype which was first applied to presidential candidate Obama by movie and culture critic, David Ehrenstein, in a Los Angeles Times op ed column of March 19, 2007. According to Ehrenstein, the magical Negro is a non threatening black hero in the popular media, usually the cinema, who was invented to ease feelings of white guilt over slavery and racial injustice. He is noble and devoid of sexual motives, and appears suddenly, out of nowhere, to magically solve the problems of white people. (Wiki)

    Telling Turkey they are wanted in the EU was part of Cameron’s deal with Barack Obama, to get BP off the hook. Some kind of geopolitical play to take pressure off the troubled President.

    Good point anonymous.

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