Now Can Ukippers See What Their Strategy Should Be?

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Redwood Demands Referendum Over Loss Of Sovereignty.

I wrote ‘Damn all those fools who voted UKIP, and kept the numbers of Conservative backbenchers down.  This is the only battle that counts.’
Tcheuchter said…
Damn all those fools who voted Conservative – it was obvious the current leadership is thoroughly untrustworthy on Europe (cast iron, referendum, not ruled by….).
7:34 AM


Blogger tapestry said…

Our job is to elect MPs. They choose their leader. If we choose good MPs they will kick out wrong leaders. UKIP’s not even in the game. But because of UKIP voters we have LIb Dems and a coalition which muddies the waters.

30 more backbenchers in the 1922 would have loaded the dice far more favourably for the coming battles.

As I say, Damn Those Fools who Voted UKIP.

7:58 AM


Blogger The Boiling Frog said…

As I say, Damn Those Fools who Voted UKIP.

I think that is what is known as blaming someone else, because you’ve just discovered the Tories have turned out to be the Europhiles everyone else knew they were.

It doesn’t matter how many backbenchers they have they won’t do anything (with the honourable exception of Carswell). All noise and hot air from the leadership downwards. Majority or no majority.

Damn the Tories, who will never admit that they aren’t really Eurosceptic.

10:25 AM


Blogger tapestry said…

Negative. Negative. Our enemies will be delighted with your determination to see only failure, Frog.
5:44 PM


Blogger The Boiling Frog said…

It’s not negative, it’s just the truth.

Our enemies must be over the moon with a Tory Government – they speak Euroscpetic but keep signing up to EU policies. The perfect combination for our Brussels masters.

8:11 PM


Blogger tapestry said…

There are many backbenchers who might undermine Cameron over an EU issue. I wish there were more of them.

The Euro could be approaching a collapse in the next downwave. Consumer confidence is tumbling. The bail-outs will evaporate. There will be chances to move on EU weakness.

The past is not in dispute. It is the future that matters.

1:59 AM


Blogger Tcheuchter said…

Much of the trouble with the Tories is that the local associations cannot appoint the candidate of their choice, but have a favourite of central office foisted upon them.

Until the members take a firm hold of the party the Tories will remain EU Trojan horse it has become.

6:17 AM


Blogger tapestry said…

They tried to load the marginals with A Listers. The attempt failed for two reasons.

First the marginals were held by Labour as they took them with heavy postal voting scams.

Second the Constituencies fought the Francis Maude tendency every inch of the way.

If only UKIP would come back, the active members could fight off the europhile attempt to get control of the party’s constituencies.

That’s the tragedy of UKIP. They are fighting for a fantasy when the real battle is going on under their noses. Bring UKIP activism back into the Conservative Party, the number of eurosceptic MPs would increase yet further, and the party leadership could be got rid of in five seconds if it handed over sovereignty as Cameron and May are now proposing over European Policing powers.

The dog would wag the tail once more.

Cameron’s already trying to defeat the turnip ‘Taliban’.  See here –

This is the battle Ukippers could be helping to fight., stopping him from loading the party with Yes men.  Eurosceptics want to see more Taliban.  This is where activists should be battling – to get them into Westminster, not blocking the whole Conservative Party because the current clique running it looks euro-treacherous.  Cameron could be toppled in a weekend if there were enough turnips.

9:31 AM


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8 Responses to “Now Can Ukippers See What Their Strategy Should Be?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wot Conservative Party?
    They have been took over, did’nt you get the memo

  2. tapestry says:

    Look. A vote for a backbench eurosceptic Conservative is a vote against Cameron. OK. UKIP are helping Cameron by popping in a sprinkling of europhile Libdems.

  3. Robin says:

    Name these EUrosceptic would be MPs if we had voted for them and not others .

  4. tapestry says:

    That would make it too easy for you, Robin.

    Power is a game of bluff and double bluff.

    For the EU the game is to fracture opposition. You are doing their work for them.

  5. Robin says:

    Sorry Tap, but if you say that twenty or so more Tory MPs would be EUrosceptic and force Cameron to stop being EUrophile , then we want proof .
    Provide evidence and we`ll vote Tory .
    At present the Conservatives are not in opposition to the EU.

  6. tapestry says:

    The only battle that counts is the one in Parliament. Battles are not won and lost with ease, but by a margin of advantage in a critical area. By ensuring europhile Libdem MPs are placed into government, UKIP is pushing on the wrong side of the wheel.

    Fortunately a good number of independent minded Conservative MPs have held onto the 1922 Committee. Follow the story.

  7. Robin says:

    So its vote Conservative then, never mind that they wont feel threatened by the EUrosceptic feeling, that they dont “do” Europe , that they are more afraid of bringing this subject up and creating problems for themselves than doing the honourable thing for the country , that they will ally themselves with a EUrophile party , that they will do anything for the trappings of power (and give even more real power away ).

    Yes Vote Tory . You know where you stand .Party first . Country second.

  8. tapestry says:

    See John Redwood today –

    321 needed for a Commons majority. There are only 306 COnservative MPs who have a policy to repatriate powers.

    258 Labour plus 57 Lib DEms is 315, still short of amajority, but the Nationalists are europhile, so there is a clear europhile majority.

    if you want a eurosceptic party with a majority, UKIP should have voted Conservative.

    Voting against Conservatives is a strategic error. Just 20 more would have done it.

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