Miliband D Has A Nasty Sneer

Miliband D – short for Drac

I was watching him on TV last night trying to ham up the IFS attack on Osborne and split away Liberal Dems from the coalition.  I noticed that his sneer, as seen in the picture above, had got a lot worse.  My experience of people of who talk with a twisted mouth is that they rarely tell the truth, and they have deep-seated unease about themselves.

You watch him next time he’s on TV.  It stands out a mile.

When Iain Dale asked for movie characters to parallel Labour’s leadership contestants recently, I saw a likeness between Miliband D and Count Dracula.  He’s now D for ‘Drac’ to his ‘friends’.

The other Miliband brother, E for Ed, has an uncanny likeness to another monstrous character. He is not as good a talker as ‘Dracula’ above, it has to be said, but at least Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, who he faintly resembles, was only a character to be pitied, and didn’t go round sucking peoples’ blood.

My advice.  Beware of the man or woman who sneers.  They bring only trouble in their wake.  Remember this man who was famous for his sneer?

– the initiator of the Iraq War ….

Dick someone or other.
FORMER Labour MP Chris Mullin, who writes in his book Decline and Fall about David Miliband, bumped into the Labour leadership contender in the Commons tearoom and made the following observation. He has “an inability to concentrate while others are talking. His eyes were darting all over and he was bobbing up and down every couple of minutes.”
These seem like the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, where the patient is hopeless at organising anything.
According to educational psychologist Angela Gardner, there are three key symptoms: poor attention and concentration, impulsivity and fidgety behaviour and restlessness.However, she rejects any suggestion that Miliband could do with a dose of Ritalin.
“Because of the high levels of attention and concentration required by his job, it is almost impossible that he could have ADHD,” she says. “When preoccupied, overtired or suffering from a lack of sleep, many people display these kinds of symptoms,” she tells me.

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4 Responses to “Miliband D Has A Nasty Sneer”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s strange how quickly it’s happened, but I already have that urgent, visceral, twitching need to violently punch them repeatedly in their twisted faces for as hard and as long as my clenched, white-raw knuckles will allow. And I thought only Brown had that effect on me.

  2. tapestry says:

    Let it all go, anonymous, here if you like. It’s no good bottling it up.

  3. AndyN says:

    Another prime example of how sinister a sneery, twisty mouth is? Jonathan King.

    That said, Mili Major doesn’t come across as particularly nasty to me – he puts me more in mind of a well-meaning but utterly useless supply teacher.

    Mili Minor looks (and talks) like a small mobile phone company’s junior account manager.

  4. tapestry says:

    I agree that minor is not a great communicator, but don’t be so quick to dismiss the sign of the sneer. It speaks of troubles.

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