Gareth Williams’ Death Is A Warning

Gareth Williams.  What did he know?

The reporting around the murder of Gareth Williams gets more and more unlikely.  It seems that the more is said about the matter, the less clear things become.  A few facts stand out.  He was one of Britain’s top code and cypher experts, if not the best.   He was highly valued by the Americans, as well as MI6.  It is possible that he had been responsible for breakthroughs in code-breaking and anticipating steps being taken by enemies of Britain and America.

Those enemies obviously had a way of finding out who he was, which suggests successful counter-espionage, which had penetrated either the American security services, or the British, or both.
The fact that his body was found dismembered in a holdall indicates that the people who killed him, were intending to remove the body, and were maybe disturbed.  Everything else about the case is as clear as mud.  
There were said to be SIM cards laid out on a table, which suggests that there was a search going on of his contacts, possibly by the people who killed him.  He was said to be operating from a safe house.  How come he was successfully attacked and murdered at a safe house.  It suggests that the operatives who assassinated him were able to penetrate the security system, and possessed expert capabilities, but did not complete the operation.  
Does it sound like what we know of Al Quaeda, and Moslem terrorist organisations?  Not to my mind.  It sounds more as if a Russian operation had been mounted to eliminate him, using his personal life as a way to get access, possibly a honey trap.
If £18,000 had recently disappeared from his bank account, with no known payee, that suggests he had taken out cash to pay someone, which is unusual for such a large sum of money.  But how much of the story can we trust?  The first reports given out said he had been dead two weeks, yet his sister said he he had spoken to her less than a week before by phone.
The story is left hanging.  All we know is that Britain has been targeted and has lost a key defence asset, carefully selected and eliminated by a foreign power that intends us harm.  If the intelligence war is already at such a pitch, it suggests that someone is planning a lot more than merely taking out a key code-breaker.

It suggests that we need to be making sure of our defensive capabilities, and not cutting them back to the bone.  It suggests that the world is becoming a far more dangerous place than it was.  If there was said to be a pattern to recent events, it would suggest another move by the Russians, ruthlessly murdering anyone who gets in the way of Putin’s plans.

It is another warning of his future intentions, which should be heeded.

That said, did Gareth know something else?  Litvinenko was murdered for revealing things about the Russian President’s apparent use of violence against his own people, the bombing of blocks of flats which he then blamed on the Chechens, to create support for the war against Chechnya.  He also said that the attack on the theatre in Moscow,and the Beslan school siege was arranged with Russian cooperation.

He also said that Russian agents had penetrated the EU at the highest level, with Romano Prodi being an agent of the FSB (formerly KGB).  It was suggested that there are secret links between the EU and the FSB, and high level ‘cooperation’.

Maybe Gareth had found out some more information through his code-breaking activities.  His landlady said he spent his hours listening to tapes, and she could hear them whirring all the time, probably as he fast forwarded and reversed them.  He wouldn’t be doing it for fun, but why was he checking out tapes at home?

Maybe he was getting close to unearthing a fifth column, which lurks high up in British society, loyal to a programme to dismantle the nation, to subvert our media, reduce our monarchy – even through the use of assassination, undermine our educational system, our armed forces, our police and health service, and he had set out on a project of his own, driven on by curiosity.  As he reported his findings into the bureaucracy, someone realised he was getting too close.

He was murdered in a government safe house.  If he was Britain’s top code-breaker, why wasn’t he provided with round the clock protection?  It makes you feel that the enemy is within here.  I can’t believe an enemy from outside could gain access so easily to carry out Gareth’s murder.

The media has filled with stories to discredit him.  It is almost as if someone wants him buried twice.

‘A professional code-breaker meets with a professional assassination’

UPDATE -March 24th 2011.

In the last few weeks attacks have been made on Libya and Bahrain.  Japan could have been attacked with an earthquake weapon.  Was Gareth following the use of HAARP or the OWG’s plans to start more wars?  Did he report his findings to someone he trusted in the bureaucracy, who realised he was getting too close.  So many terrible things have happened in the few months since Gareth died that it does seem more likely as an explanation than it did even at the time of his death.  When a good man finds evil, what can he do?  It looks like Gareth had plenty to find.

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