Ukippers Must Learn How To Count Vegetables Into A Bag

People who voted UKIP in the General Election voted with their hearts.  It felt good to be saying ‘No more Europe’ and to be cheering along to Nigel Farage’s excellent speeches.  But look at the effects.

The Conservatives were moving, glacially but nonetheless moving, in a eurosceptic direction.  Now they are locked in a coalition, which negates all the progress made, and has pushed euroscepticism off the government’s agenda.  Just a few thousand of the million or so UKIP votes could have prevented the coalition, and the loss of the gains so painfully made inside the Conservative Party over the last ten years.
Things are not stopping there.  The two europhile parties, Labour and Libdem, before the coalition formed, were divided.   It made it possible to look forward to a Conservative majority with only 40% of the vote.  The coalition is having the effect now of crashing support for the Lib Dems, mostly pushing it back to Labour, making the europhiles into a single strong force under the Labour flag. 
A great opportunity has been lost to keep the europhiles separated.
The only way that a eurosceptic government will finally arrive at Westminster, will be through a Conservative majority.  If the Conservative leadership is compromised by cryptic support for the EU, then only will a revolt from the Conservative backbenches bring in a leadership that fights for British independence.  There is no other electoral possibility.
But EUkippers don’t see it.

In 2005, Blair might have been deprived of a majority if eurosceptics had all voted Conservative.  Many are non-voters.  The Conservative Party would have been driven onto an even more strongly eurosceptic stance by the weight of eurosceptic numbers inside the tent.  

In 2010 the damage of eurosceptics not voting Conservative has been even greater, with the coalition suppressing euroscepticism, and Labour resurgent by gathering together opposition to the coalition.
The point is that there is only one Party that will get Britain out of the EU.  It’s not Labour.  It’s not Lib Dem.  It’s not UKIP.  Who’s left?  Eurosceptics should rally and vote Conservative, and battle for control of the party.  It’s the only chance we have.


The EU is winning the game this week with its obtaining of police powers, and the arrest of the five English boys and their transfer to Greek jails though they did nothing at all.  Make no mistake.  Control of the Conservative Party is the only battlefield that counts if we want to fight these pernicious developments.  

The EU knows that, and their supporters.  How come Nigel Farage gets so much airtime compared to Conservative eurosceptics?  UKIP is a carefully calibrated game to divide British eurosceptics, and people are falling for it by the million.
UKIPpers buy into the emotion.  Going UKIP feels good.  Yet these people are just like me, from another age where a spade was a spade, a lb was a lb, a yard was a yard.  One thing, however, which should please us all, has not changed, and that is the only thing that counts.  We still have a First Past The Post electoral system.  Why can’t the traditionalists, who cheer Farage, as I also do in my heart, understand the political system that they have inherited from history?

If we were counting carrots into a bag, I’m sure everyone would get it.  

Maybe that’s it.  Eurosceptics need to envision MPs as vegetables going into a bag.  If there’s more blue cabbages than red cabbages,  and the blue cabbages have been selected well, the battle of the bag is won.  There’s no point in growing lost of purple cabbages, none of which will ever get into the bag.   What UKIPpers and other eurosceptics must see is that there is only one bag.  If they don’t vote Conservative, they are not even going to be in it.  Somehow rationality must override emotion, if eurosceptics want to win.  Ukippers have got to wise up.

See yesterday’s council election result from Rotherham –

Sitwell ward, Rotherham
Con – 45% (-13)
Lab – 32% (+12)
Lib Dem – 4% (-18)
Ind – 9%(+9)
UKIP – 9% (+9)
Con hold

Once a very safe Conservative seat, now with LIb Dems obliterated, Labour are back in contention.  UKIP’s 9% is enough to mean that labour might stand a chance of winning.  Any damage done by UKIP standing in General Elections in the past will be as  nothing to what could happen next.  Labour could win the next GE, if this pattern replicates. (I assume the Independent took previous Lib Dem votes.  If so, more could have gone to Labour, making this a marginal ).

As for David Cameron, there is also still the chance, however remote, that he is playing a double game – cooperating with the EU for now, but ready to make moves when the time is right.  That is not something to discount to zero, even now.  But if, as time goes by, he shows himself to be a traitor, the only battle that matters is still for the Conservative Party, and getting blue cabbages into the bag.

Remember this quote from Mayor of London Boris Johnson, before he became Mayor –

“We want a new breed of MPs who will consistently tell the whips to get stuffed; who will smash the brutal and intellectually enervating system of party discipline that turns Westminster into a kind of Seventies Leyland car factory, apathetically turning out badly assembled laws to plague the people of this country”.
 Boris Johnson, 25th May 2009

The rebellion of the 118 Conservative MPs who blocked the attempt to stifle the 1922 Committee shows that  this aspiration of Boris is starting to happen.  There are a good few nice blue cabbages in the bag now.  Let’s do all we can to fill the bugger.  Make no mistake, if we fail to do that, the Lib Dem tendency will succeed in turning the party further and further away from where eurosceptics want it to go.

Read this from Tim Montgomerie of Conservative Home –


Now that the whole world is enduring more hard-headed economic times the always-practical right is getting more of a hearing. Ultimately, however, it needs to learn to use the left’s language of justice and compassion if it is to reach the growing number of voters who are motivated as much by ethics as self-interest.
No right-winger has understood this more than Iain Duncan Smith. 

IDS was always a great filler of bags.  Shame he never got to fight an election.  Mind you…the times would suit his style well now.  
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9 Responses to “Ukippers Must Learn How To Count Vegetables Into A Bag”

  1. William says:

    Sorry this is just bollocks. Blaming UKIP or anyone else for the Conservatives POOR showing is madness.

    Had IDave promised and then delivered an in or out referendum or indeed made a solemn promise to take this country OUT of the EU the first week he got into power Labour would have been obliterated as would all the ‘minor parties’ like the Cleggites and even UKIP.

    He didn’t.
    He is simply a smoother talking blue Blair!

  2. tapestry says:

    William your fantasy world is shared by a million others. You are having devastating effects on the real world which bears no relationship to the scenario you describe.

    Try to get into the game.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The real world you are referring to is one where presumbaly the Concervative Party, the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrat Part, UKIP, BNP, etc etc are all manned by very different people who all have the masses best interests at heart but simply go about showing it in very different ways.

    Well sorry to shatter your illusions but there is but one politcal class in this country and it populates every single political party with its members. There are some current noteworthy exceptions such as Douglas Carswell, but the majority simply want to see the power/control/money/gravy train keep right on rolling and so it doesn’t matter which colour has its turn at the conrols as long as the outcome remains the same… More of our money into their pockets.

    To argue that IF UKIP had stood aside and then further argue that every UKIP voter would then do as they were told and vote Conservative even if IDave had promised a referendum does you no credit.
    The reality is until the entire political class is swept away or the EU implodes, either is acceptable to me, this country is well and truly stuffed.

  4. tapestry says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, anonymous. The only difference is that we need to stop just being emotional about it, and form a strategy to shift them out.

    My point is that that strategy, whether we like it or not, has to be focused on one target, and one target only – that of winning power within the Conservative Party.

    That must be for the likes of Carswell (he is not alone, but as you can see, others are careful as to what they say in such a treacherous environment).

    The only point I would make is that if all people who agree with us, flounce off and quit the Conservative Party, the enemy wins. The point I am making is that that is the only battlefield that matters, and great fighters like you have already quit for another game that will not bring you any success in what you aspire to.

    Yes politics and the game of power is a filthy duplicitous business, as it always was. But you are a loser in it, and I want you and me to win. Please step back inside the tent and help to drive out the rot.

    Those who agree with us, those, for example, who secretly read blogs such as this, even people high up in the Party, cannot openly say what you and I want them to say. But they are there, believe me, and waiting and hoping for an opportunity to move.

    Your choices could be critical if there is a sudden election called. Please think very carefully, and think that sometimes you have to play as dirty as your opponents if you want to win.

    UKIP is a great feeling, and gives a buzz. But I want to win. Don’t you?

  5. Sean O'Hare says:

    You seem to want the UK to leave the EU, yet you continue to support a party that will not contemplate that move. Apart from Lisbon every other EEC/EU treaty has been signed off by a Conservative government without a referendum. Only Wilson’s labour offered a refendum and even then the true agenda was not revealed to us. It it any wonder that we just don’t trust any of the main parties!

    I switched my vote from Tory to UKIP in the last election. I would have voted for the LPUK had they stood in my constituency even though they stood no chance of getting anywhere. As it happened if the all the UKIP + BNP votes had gone to the Tories it would still have resulted in a LibDem win. But even if my one vote had denied the Tories a victory I would not feel bad about it. That’s how bad it is! Sorry.

  6. tapestry says:

    The door in is the only door out. The Treaties were signed by Labour since 1997 until Lisbon. They included Nice, Amsterdam and others.

    If we want to get out there is no choice but to win power within the Conservative Party, which is a coalition.

    Small parties are great fun and give a feeling of doing something. Under FPTP they are a dead end, and a very useful way for the EU to fracture opposition. They get funded by all kinds of strange sources, and get easy media for that reason.

    We don’t have a Sinn Fein.

    IDS was contemplating a different kind of EU, and was felled as leader. He is still in there at high level.

    Supper time.

  7. I think a lot of grass roots Tories felt that the party’s leadership had strayed so far from it’s natural constituency, particularly over the EU (glacial doesn’t begin to describe it) that they felt, if voting for our principles means another five years of pain before the country finally emerges from its torpor, so be it.

  8. tapestry says:

    I agree with you, He’s Spartacus, that people were saying that kind of thing – Richard North for example. I tried to point out the risks involved in such a strategy before the election.

    Now it is over, the downside risks look to have been even greater than I suggested. We are very lucky indeed to have got rid of Brown. We are lucky to have Cameron.

    It feels good to rebel against what has happened to Britain and the Conservatives. But it is well past the time to wise up. Our enemies are gaining ground because of this mistaken strategy. We have to climb back into the Conservative trench and battle from there. It’s the only option, and it is not without hope.

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