Spare Seats At Wimbledon = Recession

Marcelo Melo celebrates the Brazilian way

I’ve queued up each summer ticketless at Wimbledon year after year for as long as I can remember. (except when living overseas). This year I arrived at about 5pm yesterday and was surprised to find Number One court tickets still on sale. In fact plenty of them.

In all previous years only outside courts were possible to get into.

It’s a sign of the economic times, I guess, when you can get into the front ten rows in the Number One Court spontaneously from the gate.

The tennis was fun, as I watched Marcelo Melo, a tall young and rather emotional Brazilian (Pictured in earlier Wimbledon celebration, ahem – I say) paired with Rennae Stubbs, a wiry not-so-young Australian quietly grinding down Klijsters and Malisse, Belgians or thereabouts. Super rallies, and laughs all round as first Melo was heavily hit by a smashed ball from Malisse and fell to the ground with large mark on his torso, and then Kljisters was impacted with the ball in return.

I would take a good doubles game any day in preference to watching singles matches with endless aces. The game is in danger of becoming dull unless they find a way to stop so many aces being served. Maybe that’s why the tickets were still available. People don’t love the game as much as they did for that reason.

They come to see rallies. Serena Williams is no different to the men from that point of view. The media get all hung up on growing a national champion, but really all people want is some fun. Marcelo’s got the right idea!

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