Snow Gets On Is Bike

Peter Snow seeks solace on a Boris Bike

After setting about Zac Goldsmith on Channel 4 News, Peter Snow sets about a programme of personal rebranding.  The nasty interviewer imagines that writing a soft article on Boris new bike hire scheme will do the trick.  

The trouble is that once they’ve revealed themselves for what they are, TV interviewers and others in the media, who have accumulated  a trusted image, will never be seen as trustworthy again, whatever they do.  Trust is like that.  It takes a lifetime to earn, and a minute to lose.  You only get one chance.  

You don’t expect TV personae to be infallible, or weak, but once they show a level of unreasonableness, and partisanship, you can’t go back to seeing them as neutral – as they wish to be seen, while they colour in the stories they present.  Zac Goldsmith will survive the brawling.  He’s a politician.  They are meant to have strong views.  TV presenters are only meant to be the medium.

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