Slagger Miliband Wants To Be Trusted.

Slagger referendum-blocking David Miliband explains that Labour have lost Britain’s trust.

In his speech he said Labour’s problems had got worse after Mr Brown became leader.
By the time of May’s general election Labour had “lost the trust of the people – and in a democracy that’s a very big problem,” Mr Miliband said.

He’s noticed at last. Lies lose trust.

Speaking about Gordon Brown, he said –

“It was not just more of the same. Far from correcting the failings – tactics, spin, high-handedness – intensified, and we lost many of our strengths – optimism born of clear strategy, bold plans for change and reform, a compelling articulation of aspiration and hope.

No one did more to abandon any claim to be trusted than Slagger himself. He signed the Lisbon Treaty, and refused to allow a referendum, despite it being promised in the 2005 election manifesto.

All we need to put this right, he says, is ‘a compelling articulation of aspiration and hope’. That’s the telling of more lies and giving of false promises to you and me. Slagger wants to dish out more of the same medicine.

No thank you. We still don’t know how much money Labour really spent, and lost. In their own words, they left us with nothing in the cupboard for a rainy day.

And now it’s pourring.

Where’s the hope and aspiration in that?

He should add fiscal irresponsibility to his charge sheet. That’s Labour’s greatest failing, but Slagger doesn’t even want to talk about it. He prefers to slag off others than face up to his own failures. Labour’s biggest problem is not Spin or Tactics, but Truth. For Slagger, Loadof and the rest, Trust is an aspiration too far.

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