Quangocrat Byles Set Up Gove

Byles lost control of his quango

The Mirror carries a story which attempts to ridicule Michael Gove.  Instead, it proves that Gove was set up by conspiratorial staff.   The article shows that the quangocrat who set up Gove knew exactly what he was doing.  He is now joining in the attempts to publicly humiliate Gove.


Tim Byles, Chief Executive of the Partnership for Schools body, which organises building projects, revealed yesterday he had urged Mr Gove to delay and doublecheck before he published. But the Education Secretary, becoming known as the most gaffe-prone member of the Government, ignored him.

With ‘friends’ like Byles, who needs enemies?  It’s your job Byles to get the data right on your £500,000 a year salary.  And Gove’s to present the policy.  Is that too difficult for you?  Then resign.  OK?   If we paid chickenfeed, we’d deserve chickens, but on your salary, we expect information to be given correctly.  I am sure your friends at The Mirror could find a place for you.  Writing Obituaries might suit, your own not Gove’s.

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