New Czech Government Abandons Euro Plans

Just two days after the recently sworn-in government of eurozone-member Slovakia has obstructed the EU’s plans to bail out Greece and other indebted eurozone countries, the Czech Republic is also swearing in a eurosceptic centre right coalition government.

The Lisbon Treaty may be signed, and its terms being twisted to justify a bail-out of eurozone members, but the political mood in Central Europe is swinging against the EU’s ambitions to run the economy of the continent.

Slovakia’s new government regrets the Lisbon Treaty, and her Euro membership. Her neighbour and former co-patriot, the Czech Republic, also regrets the signing of the Lisbon Treaty, but like Britain, she has no intention whatsoever of becoming a eurozone member.

If the Lisbon Treaty was being touted around now, it would be rejected by both these Republics. A cool independent breeze is blowing, which could yet halt the progress of the EU in its efforts to bully and dominate a continent.


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