Parade Of Labour Relics Makes Me Ill

The Times is covered with Mandelson’s memoirs, pictures of Brown and all those idiots who spent the best years of our lives ruining our country’s economy and society. Do we really need to see more of these people? They have lined their pockets, and those of their friends. They have rigged elections with voting scams. They’ve filled the media with their slaves.

So much so that they haven’t yet taken in that the cesspool that is Labour has gone. They’ve lost. They are no longer the government.

It’s not so much that I couldn’t give a fig if they all simply rolled over and died. I just want to be able not to find their arrogant lying mugs sliming around on my TV screen, or soiling the daily newspaper. How much longer do we have to bear them?

I feel ill at the very sight of them. The only nice thought I can raise right now is that one day they will shuffle off and be no more. Only that brings a happy glow to my heart. But right now the stench of Old Labour, just like a rotting unburied corpse, grows worse by the day, while the media’s maggots chew over any remaining rancid bodily tissue.

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