Get Rid Of NHS Primary Don’t Care Trusts

Great news. The dreaded power of the Primary ‘Care’ Trusts who pay themselves millions while starving hospitals of good cleaning, leading to thousands of deaths nationwide, are having their state supplied funding removed.

Doctors will decide how NHS money is allocated in future. It is assumed that GPs know better what their patients need. Experience of GPs is mixed and not all are competent or caring, it has to be said, but people do have a choice about which practice to register with. This is a kind of democracy.

A return to the NHS as an internal marketplace, is wonderful to hear of, after a decade of an NHS of impenetrable state power, lodged in a politically correct, self-righteous and bullying bureaucracy, gathering information in secret on British citizens and making it available to all other branches of government through centralised computer records. With GPs controlling funding, they must also take control of all information-handling,and make sure that patient confidentiality, a principle of medicine for thousands of years is re-established.

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When I wrote yesterday about the Prime Minister’s proposed localist revolution, some readers were extremely sceptical about whether it will happen. They cited the central resistance to devolving power which usually grips governments sooner or later. As it happens, I’d offered an example myself – namely, the Treasury holding up Andrew Lansley’s Health White Paper. This morning, the Daily Telegraph reports that the delay’s over. The Prime Minister’s backed up his Health Secretary. GPs are to take over the role of health authorities in buying hospital services for their patients.

Those strategic regional authorities and primary care trusts are to be scrapped. Doctors will take over their budgets, worth up to £80 billion. The nervous Treasury has been assured that “safeguards” are in place for this vast sum of money. GPs may come together to form commissioning co-operatives, and responsibility will be returned to them for out of hours care. In short, the plan is the return of GP fundholding, a Thatcher Government policy, under another guise. But whereas fundholding was voluntary, the new move will be compulsory. Cameron’s therefore taking it further than Thatcher did – as Tony Blair tried to, before Gordon Brown blocked him.

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Dr Fiona Kemp said…
Fantastic news and about time too!

I am a frontline GP and cannot be more enthusiastic- yes there will be problems along the way but this is a genuine revolution for patients and the NHS.

GP’s are a smart, vocationally driven,hardworking professional group: we will make this work, and work well for patients.

Well done Andrew!!!

Reply Friday, July 09, 2010 at 11:36

Baz Bishop said in reply to Dr Fiona Kemp…
At the moment it’s relatively easy to access a consultant and consequential services outside the local Trust area. My wife has just benefited enormously from this facility and I would be very concerned that an individual GP might not want to continue with this practice.

Reply Friday, July 09, 2010 at 12:00

JCS said in reply to Baz Bishop…
Your wife was lucky that is not always the case.I suspect that GP`s will tend to commission from certain hospitals and it will be harder to see consultants outside the area.

Let’s see, huh.

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