Get Rid Of Industrial Tribunals Entirely


Trip to sleep clinic today, where they have a new apnea-sufferers’ breathing device, which can diagnose as it assists. This makes me very hopeful as my type of apnea seems to be unusual, a combination of breathing path blocking, and central nervous system malfunction. I overcome this by adding oxygen into my air supply, but ideally I will find out whether I need the ventilator, which does the in and out breath, not just the in. It all costs a fortune but what the hell. It’s health, life – everything.


Now off to Wimbledon to collect some tickets from a friend going off to catch the train home, after being there all day.

Attended Spectator Lecture last night, Anatole Kaletsky on his new book Capitalism 4.0. He seemed surprisingly pucker about it all.

Seems like prices are all heading south to me. Commodities, shares, bond rates and near enough everything. Even gold’s charge is weakening. Britain’s 5% inflation rate could be nil or negative by next year.


John Redwood’s replying to Nick Clegg’s request for suggestions for a bonfire of red tape. My request would be get rid of Industrial Tribunals. My company staff tell me that they hold back on dealing with poor discipline in the workplace, as they fear the effects of cases brought for dismissal etc. It simply means we make more things overseas. Britons are not naturally disciplined in production systems as are Germans for example. We need our employers to be given full authority to run our production systems. This is why our manufacturing is shrinking, nothing other than this political interference. If we want manufacturing, get rid of Industrial Tribunals entirely. OK Cleggy, Old Chap!

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