Europe’s Down. Go Global

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The reports of economic health in Britain’s manufacturing are tempered by a warning that things in the EU are not doing well at all. This report from Barclays Bank gives the picture –

Graeme Allinson, head of UK manufacturing, transport and logistics at Barclays’ corporate banking division, noted that British manufacturing was far healthier now than it was 18 months ago. “But very recently a lack of certainty over near-term prospects has been hampering UK manufacturers’ confidence in continued investment, as demand within the EU in particular looks shakier,” he added. FT.

We need to stop giving the EU every preference. Britons are living all over the world. Six million have left the UK, more than two million in the last ten years. Of these only 300,000 are living in the EU. Our social and family connections are worldwide, and so should our international trade be, not be stuck inside the EU, where slow growth is dragging us backwards.

For a start, we should run an equal visa regime for all immigration, EU and non-EU on the same terms. As of now we permit EU immigration on an open-end basis, which is not right. We should allow immigration only where it benefits our society, whether that be financial or payment based, or rules based.

Then we should get away from all the import tariffs that prevent us from importing goods from around the world, adding to our food and other prices. Many products are cheaper in the USA and around the world, as the EU insists that foreign exporters charge higher prices to keep Europe competitive. It’s nuts. We demand that foreigners charge us more for most of our imports! As a big importing nation, we could save tens of billions. Cars could nearly halve in price for a start, all electronic goods too.

On the strength of that we could become a more powerful exporting nation, as we could source more cheaply.

The EU’s locked in a downward spiral. Let’s get out of it, and get around the globe, where Britons and Britain should be. If we don’t do it now, we will find ourselves held back for another generation from the great economy we should otherwise have. People should not forget that the price of the EU is not the cash we hand over. It’s the intentional crippling of all our industries, and limiting us to a tiny role in the world, which our neighbours don’t need to feel jealous about. It’s time to break free.

Roger Helmer suggests repealing –

The European Communities Act 1972

“Britain’s EU membership lacks democratic legitimacy — especially since the people were denied the promised referendum on the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty. The EU increasingly lacks public support. The costs of British membership, including indirect costs, are estimated at over £100 billion a year, which is unaffordable under current conditions — or at any time. The EU is making us poorer, and less democratic, and less free. We should be Better Off Out”.

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