Coalition Must Reverse Tax Increases

This comment came from an angry Lib Dem on Political Betting, writing about the AV referendum –

263 – I’ve yet to meet anyone besides Labour supporters who’ll vote yes, in fact the Lib Dems I know will vote no in the hope of kicking Clegg for selling out PR.
But it’s the VAT rise that will wipe out the Lib Dems in Manchester Liverpool Newcastle Sheffield Scotland and Wales, that’s if there haven’t been any more weeks like this week with the schools issue

by tim July 9th, 2010 at 11:49 pm

I agree with ‘tim’. The tax rises are a mistake. Cut spending, sure. But cutting taxes is the political and economic pay-off. The economy’s growth rate will decide the future popularity level of politicians. They should cut taxes, not because they are popular per se. They should cut taxes as the budget can be balanced without them, and the growth rate needs boosting at all costs to avoid a deeper recession.

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