British People No Longer Trust The State

The Facebook site where thousands of people have offered support posthumously to Raoul Moat, RIP Raoul Moat You Hero, has angered many. Cameron has unsuccessfully tried to get the site removed. I don’t think anyone is saying they agree with what Moat did. Far from it.

But there is a message here for those who use State power over individuals. You are no longer automatically trusted. In fact after thirteen years of Blair and Brown, centralising power, and employing authoritarian methods and sending out state employees to bully citizens in nearly every aspect of their lives, there is so little tolerance and trust in the State left, that even when its employees are maimed and murdered, many feel that they, to some extent, take the side of the murderer.

Cameron can say that their messages of support for Moat should be removed. But in reality he and the Sate should take note. When the State declares war on its people, imagining them powerless, and able to be endlessly bullied, and tolerant of any standard of service, however low, they will find that there are limits to which they cannot drive people. It’s the measure of how badly Britain has been governed for these last thirteen years. The debts are one side of the coin, where the government has spent the savings of the next two generations for little or nothing in return. But maybe the greater loss has been the loss of trust in the State amongst ordinary people.

Unlike politicians, government officials and judges, the Queen is still trusted.

Fortunately we still have a trusted royal family, and monarch. And from there Cameron, in the coalition, may be able to rebuild trust. But there is a mountain to climb. This is the real reason we must get out of the bullying, corrupt EU. Our money is wasted, but the greater loss is our belief in our own country, which has eroded to the point where policeman can be maimed and individuals murdered, and many of the public express sympathy for the criminal. This could never have happened had we maintained our independence, and democratic system.

A good place to start in undoing Blair’s Police State would be the removal of his child-stealing targets, where 25,000 children a year are removed from their parents. If Local Authorities don’t hit their child-removing targets, they lose hundreds of thousands of pounds in bonuses.

If Moat’s children had not been removed, he would not have gone on his killing spree, as he said many times. But under the powers the State has assumed, they can remove peoples’ children without any public justification required. That’s the most shocking aspect of this case, not Moat’s private war and its effects, but its likely cause, Blair’s ignoring of the Law of Natural Justice. The system is so secret that even in the case of Moat, where the removal of his children was the pivotal event in this notorious story, we are told nothing about what happened and why.

A State that removes its citizens’ children in total secrecy by the tens of thousands will make enemies. I can’t believe that such a thing is allowed to happen, myself. I don’t support maiming of policemen and murder as an act of retaliation, but like many others, I can understand it.

MP Heaton-Harris’ question to Cameron about Moat facebook issue.

The Guardian is not so sure that there was much effort made to take Moat alive. The State hardly wanted him talking about his side of the story.

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