Britain’s Paedophile-Friendly Judiciary

Not only has the Lisbon Treaty made paedophilia into a sexual orientation to be protected from discrimination, in the same way as homosexuality. Judges in Britain too are starting to find ways to avoid giving paedophiles non-custodial sentences.

The BBC reports a case in Devon today –

Sentencing Pullin, from Newton Abbot, on Monday, the judge said that he agreed with the teenager’s parents that Pullin should be “locked up for as long as possible” after he admitted sexual activity with a boy.

However, he said that if he had jailed Pullin for 12 months, people who deal with sex offenders in prison would not have reached him by the time his sentence was served because of work-loads, not even “with the best will in the world”.

“That is the sad state of reality and he would come out untreated,” the judge said.

As well as being placed on the register for 10 years, he was given a Sexual Offences Prevention Order banning Pullin from from having contact with children under 16.

He also received a restraining order to keep him away from his victim’s family.

His treatment will be supervised by the Probation Service.

Just as gays like Blair and Portillo were found to be good at betraying their country, (Like the earlier spies Burgess, Maclean, Philby and so on) so too paedophiles are being placed into positions of power in Britain’s judiciary. As in countries like Belgium, where paedophiles operate untroubled by the law, with child seizures from the streets a daily occurrence, and the judiciary and the Police do nothing to prevent it, so now in Britain, paedophiles are finding increasingly that their offences go unpunished.

Kate McCann found that her enquiries met with a brick wall, as she searched for Madeleine. Paedophilia is not only a huge and growing industry. Paedophiles are also very useful for organisations such as the EU seeking traitors to betray their fellow countrymen. It’s the ultimate form of corruption. Those who desire a diet of other peoples’ children can have it satisfied, as long as they cooperate with the subjugation of their country into the control of an outside organisation.

Brian Gerrish has records of many disturbing cases where Family Court judges in secret remove peoples’ children, with no reporting allowed in the media. 25,000 children are so removed every year, paying lawyers and others billions of pounds.

UPDATE – 4th December 2010.  The problem starts right at the top of society, and is worldwide.  A victim speaks, not just any victim, her name Brice Taylor.  She claims to have been a sex slave to many US Presidents, and that her mind was programmed.  She claims George Bush and many of the people involved in The New World Order are paedophile, and that they seize children, and control their minds through torture.  Listen before you judge.  If this is all true, it goes some way to explaining why the EU and other governments are so tolerant of paedophilia, and how dangerous the people trying to control the world are.

Comment on the video –   Brice Taylor is the highest level survivor of MKULTRA and government mind control ever to go public. In her new book, Thanks For the Memories: The Truth Has Set Me Free, she discloses hidden mechanisms used by the nations’ most ruthless oligarchs to control America, and reveals their intent to precipitate a global dictatorship. Taylor also identifies many of the individuals at the top of the power structure that she was personally involved with. Brice Taylor, (pseudonym for Susan Ford), a healed survivor of MKULTRA trauma-based mind control, is dedicated to ending mind control and abuse. If copyright becomes an issue on this video upload, it will be deleted immediately. Please rate and comment.
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