Britain A Criminal Paradise Is UKIP’s Opportunity

Peter Hitchens from The Daily Mail has it right. The Conservatives and the Lib Dems are wrong about prisons. Prison won’t work unless it is made more rigorous and inevitable. The luvvies say that prison causes reoffending.

No wonder they reoffend. If a second offence got law-breakers confined in austere gaols with exhausting hard labour, hard beds and sparse, tasteless food, without in-cell TVs or pool tables or phones (or drugs), and run by grim-jawed warders who took no nonsense, the reoffending rate would drop to near-zero in a week. What’s more, thousands of potential criminals would be scared into behaving themselves. That’s all the ‘rehabilitation’ this country needs, and the only kind that works.

But I’m sorry to say that this sort of unfashionable approach, while it hugely improved the lives of millions, would be deeply unpopular at the BBC, which is the only unpopularity Mr Clarke and his boss David Cameron really care about.

Singapore has little crime where punishment includes floggings with the rattan, which draw blood. No one ever wants a second helping. In Britain, the wheel must surely turn against the criminals soon. If not, why doesn’t UKIP make itself useful and adopt this topic as a banner campaign? Every time we get another violent idiot on the rampage, UKIP could leap out and win votes. If the Liberatory coalition holds, a UKIP vote might become a less risky option than it was.

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  1. I happen to know of a country which adheres to death penalty as a means to reduce rate of rape cases. In the first few months, rape cases were reduced drastically. But years later, recurrence of rape victims increased. Based on this, I don’t think “exhausting hard labour, hard beds and sparse, tasteless food, without in-cell TVs or pool tables or phones (or drugs)” can lessen criminal cases. I think we need to go back to the idea of the so-called correctional institution. This correctional institution should respond to the individual needs of the prisoners. One that will make them better individuals and not become worse.

  2. tapestry says:

    The idea that individuals can be made better is fanciful. The only person who can decide they are to change is themselves. All you can say is that in countries where punishment is harsh, and food is generally available, crime is low. It’s only a case of how much crime we are prepared to tolerate before we inflict harsh punishment. Once the children of politicians are the victims, you can bet the law will be changed soon enough. But while the victims are people from the ghetto, the nice theories about reforming criminals will remain in the ascendant.

    It’s purely a case of how bad we want crime to be.

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