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I wrote on The Tap on May 12th 2010 the following –

Clegg tricked Brown into going, which was pretty nifty. He told Labour that if Brown went he’d make a deal with a new generation leader, but then didn’t. He deserves a lot of credit for that. Brown would not have stood down otherwise. And yet Brown’s going set in motion the …. coalition, and Labour were neatly manoeuvred out of the picture.

Today’s Times leader on ‘Clegg The Executioner’ reports the same aspect of the story as if it had only just happened. Another case of bloggers beating the MSM (only by two whole months!). They are using Mandelson’s memoirs as the excuse for focusing in on the story.

Granted the whole world was in celebratory mood (pissed basically) at the unexpected going of Brown on that day. Brown expected that Clegg was offering him a way to retain power, or at least a way for Labour to stay in power. He would go to the Palace, and then reappear a month later as Prime Minister, was no doubt what he understood Clegg to be saying.

The Times has finally got there! As has The Guardian.

“Gordon Brown’s attempts to hold on to power were thwarted by Nick Clegg’s demand that he step aside as part of any coalition between Labour and the Liberal Democrats, it has been reported. The Lib Dem leader informed the then prime minister to his face that a Lib-Lab alliance was only possible if Mr Brown bowed out. According to Peter Mandelson’s memoirs, serialised in The Times, former prime minister Tony Blair also told Mr Brown after May’s inconclusive general election that the public would not accept him remaining in office.” AP

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