People Need National Control Over Their Currencies And Their Economies

Introduced as ‘Farridge’ by the Chair, he’s back in the EU Parliament, post-air crash, telling them straight what a cock-up they are all creating. How many Conservatives agree with every word that Nigel Fara(r)ge speaks? I’d say 85%.

The truth always does have a habit of being persuasive when you hear it pure and unadulerated. How long til we hear Farridge’s message being spoken in the UK’s Parliament?

As usual relax and enjoy what is without doubt the greatest political drama available, as Mr whatever you wanna call him, stands up in the EuroParliament and strips the flesh off the EU’s central deceptions, slice by slice.

He tore Blair to shreds there pre-Lisbon Treaty. The footage was immediately suppressed, and cannot be found anywhere. That’s the measure of how good he is.

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