EU Deliberately Breaks Up Families

The hated Citizenship Test. £300 a time. 5% pass rate. It complies with EU immigration policy.
Keep the niggers out, is roughly speaking the policy of the European Union as regards immigration. Of course, it would never be spoken of in such terms, and there would be exceptions made for people from outside the EU to enter, who possessed skills needed for economic reasons, regardless of race. But broadly speaking, the policy is as I say. Keep what’s left of Europe for Europeans – and asylum seekers, and make it impossible for anyone else to get in under any circumstances.

The ‘niggers out’ policy is enforced to the point that foreign wives and husbands who’ve lived in the UK for years with their families, can now be sent back to where they came from, if they don’t pass the almost impossible Citizen Tests. Many families are being broken up, wives from husbands, children from parents. The shameful thing, to my mind, is that no one is saying a word about it.

In years to come, people might be able to take in what is happening.

I left the UK four years ago, and went to live in the Philippines, where my uncle lived when he was alive and where I have many friends from the 1980s and 1990s. I had fallen into bad health, and did not necessarily expect to live much longer, let alone recover. And yet, with treatment, recover I did, to the point where I can now lead a fairly normal life once more. I find that I can cope with the faster pace of life in the UK again, if I am careful not to overdo things, and stick to my medical regimes.

As I have a business over here employing 100 people, they are pleased to see me back in health, and back in their midst. I could not even take phone calls until a year ago, as my health was in such poor shape. You would think that I would now be able to focus on getting my business back to health as well.

The problem is that while I was away, two things happened. One, I became a parent, and now have a two year old son, who is currently here with me in Britain. I separated from his mother, and we (my son and I) were living with another woman who became in effect his mother, and my new partner.

I wanted to keep the ‘family’ together, but as I brought my son here to the UK, my partner’s visa was refused as we had not lived together for two years. If we were married, it would have been easier, or if she had been the mother.

But should people, happy as they are, get married to be entitled to stay together to get around bureaucratic barriers?

Or have children for that reason? I don’t think so.

The situation is that as I cannot bring my partner to Britain, she continues living in the Philippines, and I visit her there every three months or so. There is little prospect of this situation ever being possible to rectify under current EU regulations. At one time a British person could marry or partner whoever they chose and bring them home, but now they cannot.

Even if the partner arrives in Britain, their visa will always be dated, married or not, children or not, until the time that they pass a Citizenship Test, which is failed by 95% of people who attempt it. Visas are not automatically renewed so Citizenship becomes important.

Do people realise that, by bureaucratic means, denied of course by officialdom, that this important human freedom, to partner or marry whoever you wish, has been taken away, in favour of a European only policy? A European can come to Britain and live on social security in perpetuity, yet a non-EU nigger has to pass a test which very few British citizens would be able to pass, even if they studied for six months.

If I explain the situation to people, that non-EU families are being deliberately broken up in favour of an EU-only policy, some seem quite pleased at the thought. I guess human beings overall are pretty brutal in their prejudices and indifferent to the troubles of others.

As in my case the policy of never allowing families to settle and be stable will have consequences, whether they be economic, social or to health, none of them beneficial to the individuals affected, or the society to which they belong. The EU partners-only policy is as brutal as anything I’ve ever encountered in my life. Who would want to challenge it, or even admit such a policy existed? Goebbels would be proud.

David Cameron says he believes in the family. If he does, he would remove this EU-Only policy for who you can partner or marry. Until he does, I will be regularly leaving my 100 employees in the UK more often than I would wish, my ageing mother and my son for longer than I like to. There are many in the same situation as me, where their lives have fallen foul of the EU’s border policy. How many more victims will there be before this bureaucratic injustice is ended?

There are five and a half Britons living abroad, many of whom would choose to return if they could bring their foreign partners. I doubt mine is an isolated case.

Would you pass the British test?.

The Policy is now to add a requirement to speak English at intermediate level. This will no longer be required by asylum seekers. But it is required by the spouses of British citizens, and the parents of British Citizens. Incredible.

Daily MailThe Lib Dems are also reported to have forced the Government to water down a Tory pledge to bar immigrants unless they can speak English.

The promise was a central part of David Cameron’s election campaign. But it has now emerged that families of asylum seekers allowed to settle here will be exempt from the ban.

The Government was warned that forcing refugees’ dependants to learn English breaks Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which gives everyone ‘the right to a family life’.

Lawyers say a refugee could argue that, as they cannot return home, they can gain their ‘right to family life’ only by having it in Britain – whether or not they speak English.

Former immigration minister Phil Woolas said: ‘The Tories gave the impression that the English-speaking test would apply to all immigrants. It is now clear that is not the case.’

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5 Responses to “EU Deliberately Breaks Up Families”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think you need to look at how many immigrants came here in the last 13 years. You need to understand more about how a country that is headed towards a population of 70 million is going to cope.

    Overpopulation will impoverish tens of thousands, if not millions. Biodiversity will come under so much stress we will see species going extinct annually – types of wildlife that were common when I was a boy have virtually disappeared.

    England is the third most densely populated country in the world. In the UK we have four distinct native peoples: English, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish. These historic folk have been branded mongrels more times than I care to mention.

    We’re not mongrels we are a people. We are a nation and we have the right to self-determination.

    People like you Mr the Tap Blog must be pleased the Chinese government are flooding Tibet with Han Chinese to destroy Tibetan identity.


  2. tapestry says:

    It would be more honest to tell people what will happen if they fall in love with someone outside the EU. Not make them jump through hoops for years on end, pretending that all is in process, and then explain at the end that the policy is in fact a racial one.

    It’s odd that people come as asylum seekers, as illegals, as ‘students’, on working visas, as Europeans but not as the partners of other British citizens.

  3. tapestry says:

    I should have added that you can bring your children home with you and they are automatically citizens, but not their mothers or husbands.

    They have to pass the dreaded test to be allowed to stay.

    If you think Britain is densely populated, you need to travel more.

  4. If you deny Britain is overpopulated please explain why desalination plants and new reservoirs are necessary.
    The US state of Iowa has much the same area as Britain, and a population of 3 million – that’s the official estimate of net immigration into Britain since 1997.

  5. tapestry says:

    The privatised utility companies like profits, not capital expenditure. 90% of our water flows away as leaks. It is easier to have hosepipe bans than face up to their responsibilities.

    Parts of Britain are overpopulated. Other areas such as where I live have seen population fall by two thirds in the last 100 years. The village used to have 1000 people, and about 700 when I was born, now less than 300. Once a thriving farming area employing many people, now a rich ghetto where townies buy cute houses to retire. It’s in the West Midlands.

    The population is falling in many areas, and only rising in the hotspots.

    I don’t dispute the number of immigrants. I am saying why do 500 Europeans have priority over the wives, husbands, partners and parents of British citizens? We are the niggers now, unable to choose who we live with, as it does not please the EU, our bureaucratic masters.

    I don’t know what part of what I’m saying you don’t understand.

    Surely I should be allowed to choose who I marry, live and breed with, and not a committee in Belgium. If you are saying you think bureaucracy should have the power to choose your wife for you, then I don’t agree. Can you see my argument at all?

    If we keep blanket EU immigration out, the numbers could fall by 90%.

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