Cameron’s Relaxed Leadership Style

What a change of leadership style. Until recently, the BP fiasco would have been followed by multiple daily initiatives by New Labour ‘leaders’ managing the PR aspects of the crisis personally, making endless concessions to Obama, Merkel or anyone else until the world’s media was persuaded to be nice to Gordon or Tony once more.

But Cameron bides his time, allows Obama to dig a huge hole of anti-British feeling in the USA and around the world, making no concessions at all, saying only that he will talking to Obama by phone this weekend.

Somehow I think the Cameron style will end up costing less in the longterm.

The FT writes – Mr Cameron’s reluctance to criticise the President reflects concern that the issues might sour transatlantic relations, barely a month after the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government was formed, according to Whitehall insiders.

Play it long is the Cameron way. It’s a lot easier on the nerves, I find.

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