Why Are Lib Dems So Keen On PR? It’s Odd.

Clegg did not state pre-election that getting PR would be a condition of his forming a cooperative relationship with another party in the event of a Hung Parliament.

While PR could possibly be considered in local government or the HoL, the Conservatives were elected by stating an opposition to PR. They cannot let down their voters by caving in to demands from a minority party, which has no mandate for this negotiation…unless democratic accountability is now considered meaningless.

The strange fact of all this is that the Lib Dems could be PR’s biggest losers.

In the EP elections, they lost a lot of potential support to the Greens, and the same could well happen to them in PR national elections. The Greens could well shoot to about 10% and the Lib Dems would be back in the mid-teens. Why does Clegg desire that outcome? It’s odd really.

Not to mention that UKIP would probably poll ahead of Lib Dem making a Conservative/UKIP coalition close to an absolute majority, on about 30/15. The BNP would undoubtedly get MPs as well. What’s the point, Nick Clegg?

We need certainty not total chaos.

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