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Cameron is playing his cards very well. His MPs are no doubt in a state of shock at the new situation, but Cameron has brought them from a defunct brand going nowhere five years ago to become the leading political brand in the market.

It is not a good time to pull the rug from under him, and his MPs won’t do so. Clegg has nowhere else to go. If he helps Brown to survive he’ll be political mincemeat. He must realise.

Cameron’s diplomatic skills are showing, now that the sales pitching is over. Clegg has been slow to make the switch, but no doubt will soon get into the groove.

I doubt Clegg really wants to make another election essential immediately. That too would be the end of Clegg’s tenure, as the public would not forgive him for not even trying a coalition when Cameron’s playing fair as he can.

Brown clinging on, pathetically begging to Clegg from 10 Downing Street is laughable. It will not look good for Clegg to drag the situation out either. A quick coup de grace would be kind, and statesmanlike.


Daily Mail – Gordon Brown exploded with rage at Nick Clegg when the Liberal Democrat leader suggested that the Prime Minister had no right to cling on to power after losing the Election.

The prospects of a Lib-Lab pact suffered a major setback after Mr Brown’s bad-tempered phone call, described as a ‘diatribe laced with threats’.

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  1. tapestry says:

    I’d give Brown til midday on Tuesday.

    If he hasn’t started moving his pictures out by then, the FTSE and Sterling will take the mother of all hammerings.

    He will be driven out in total humiliation.

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