Ukippers And Tebbit – Please Read Redwood

Those who think voting out eurosceptics at Westminster aids British indpendence should read John Redwood’s blog. There is a thin blue line of Conservative Eurosceptic MPs which is all we have between here and total absorption into the EU.

Labour under Miliband will be Federalist. Clegg is Federalist. Cameron has yet to fully declare his hand. If only the thin blue line was a little thicker, and if only the yellow band was not wrapped around it. UKIP, you have a lot to answer for. Just read Redwood and try to see how much you could do for Britain by voting Conservative in General Elections in future.

Some of you have written in wanting me to cut loose from the Coalition and speak out for doctrinal purity. Others have written in urging me to support the Coalition.

I wish the Coalition every success. I have been arguing for months that this country needed to get rid of Mr Brown’s government, and needed a government which would start to control the deficit before the deficit swamps us. That has now occurred.

Contrary to those who fear “sell out” or “treachery” the events of the last few days have not suddenly changed my views on Europe, taxation, the enterprise economy or freedom. Just because the Conservatives are in coalition with the Lib dems I do not become an overnight convert to Lib Demmery, anymore than left of centre Lib Dems will suddenly become a convert to my views.

What both sides have to accept is that the Conservatives, the largest party, do not have the votes to implement their full manifesto, but they are the best placed to lead the task of financial and economic reconstruction which this country needs. The Lib dems can veto some of the things they most dislike. The Lib Dems did not have a good overall result, and they can only hope to get through those things which meet with the approval of many Conservatives. Thus, I have no problem voting for Income Tax cuts by raising thresholds rather than some other tax cut, but I could not vote for a Mansion Tax or for an increase in EU powers or an amnesty for asylum seekers.

Each individual issue of contention will cause argument and may cause rebellions in the Commons. What Eurosceptics have to appreciate – and I have no pleasure in reminding you of this – is that once again we have a Eurofederalist Commons, so rebellious Conservative Eurosceptics are unlikely to win as Labour -certainly under Miliband – will be firmly on the side of more European integration.

It therefore rests with us to influence the Coalition government in the right direction.They have a substantial majority for most of the things the two leadership teams agree. The large Conservative minority is the best buttress of our EU position we have.

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11 Responses to “Ukippers And Tebbit – Please Read Redwood”

  1. Robin says:

    So what has all this got to do with us UKIP supporters ?
    OH ! You want our votes ?
    So why not attract our votes then ?
    Oh! You want EUrophile votes ?
    So which is most important ?
    Either we are a force to be reckoned with , or we aren`t .

    Has this new LibDimCon coalition decided to stop our payments into the EU ? Reduce them a little ? Bring them back to the iniqutous figure before Blairs bad deal ?

  2. Twig says:

    The Tories took us into the EEC without a referendum.

    It was Labour that held the referendum after the fact to see if we wanted to stay in.

    It was also the Tories that signed the Maastricht treaty and tried to get us into the Euro with disasterous results.

    The Tories also had the chance to declare their hand before the General Elecation but declined the offer that UKIP would stand down if the Tories would give a cast iron promise to hold a referendum.

    Their past form proves that the Tories are the problem, not the solution.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Spoken like a true Quisling.

    Weren’t you the wanker that said a hung parliament was being pushed as a narrative to prevent Cameron being PM?

    Now look. He is the PM …in a hung parliament. You fucktard.

    You are just trying to confuse the Eurosceptic vote that by voting for a Eurosceptic party (UKIP) that hurts Euroscepticism and by voting for a Euro-Federalist party you aid Euroscepticism.

    Even now you are urging us to go quietly into the night and support the Euro-stooge.

    You fucking traitor.

    Fuck off tap. And then die you lying impersonator of Squealer.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You cunt.

    I am sick of your line about voting for Eurosceptic parties hurts Euroscepticism.

    It is a pathetic inversion of the truth. Even a fucking retard like Cameron can see that.

  5. tapestry says:

    One month please Robin, and we might spot a trend line.

    The Euro is crashing. Europe’s financial crisis is at its maximum point. If we want out from bailing them out, that must come first. Removing our regular contributions might bring countermeasures at this poignant moment.

    Remember. Politics is the art of the possible.

    Vote for who you like, but just remember that the battle is fought and won or lost in the House Of Commons and nowhere else. If you decide to help our enemies by blocking the arrival of eurosceptics, you are making a strategic error.

    I am asking for greater intelligence to be applied to the situation than Lord Pearson seems able to deploy.

  6. tapestry says:

    Yes. I agree about some of your points, Twig. And going further back, the Conservatives wanted to make a deal with Hitler in 1940. It was though a Tory, Winston Churchill, who formed an alliance with Labour, and they decided to fight, bypassing the cabinet.

    It’s the same today. The more eurosceptic MPs there are, the more chance of some beak with the usual pattern of politics. You never know where leadership will break from, until you get there. All we can do is put the chips in place.

    Voting UKIP is only helping the enemy to fill Westminster with stooges. It is better to remember that MPs are people and that parties are committees. Just occasionally leadership and party will correlate, but if you have an MP who believes in your cause, it matters now who his party is. He could be the one that wins for you, regardless.

    UKIPs wasting time trying to post all the world’s evils at the Conservative door.

  7. Twig says:

    Well, Cameron is in and the jury is out. We’ll see how they deal with the issues and make our judgements.

    If it’s any consolation to you, I live in a safe Tory seat, so my vote served only to send a message to the incumbent. If it had been a marginal seat with a EUsceptic Tory candidate it would have been a more difficult decision for me.

    I don’t know why you are so scathing about Lord Pearson, he seems like a very decent bloke to me.

  8. tapestry says:

    I have no idea about Pearson’s character as a person. If I can offend anyone under average height, he comes over as a little guy, desperate to be more than he is.

    His political strategy is lamentable. He has just ensured that the Conservative right wing, the only hope for our independence, has been reduced in size, and become boxed in a coalition with europhile liberal democrats.

    I don’t really care about his character anyway. It’s his contribution to my country’s downfall that I resent.

    A brain might help.

  9. Twig says:

    What’s his height got to do with it? That’s a bit like criticising IDS and Hague for being follicularly challenged or Howard for being too old. Do our leaders all have to be tall, young and handsome? That’s the kind of attitude the celebrity obsessed media try to promulgate.

    Do you honestly think that if UKIP didn’t exist, that the EU issue would be tackled by any of the main three parties?

    I’m not really convinced by the argument that Cameron is a right wing wolf in left wing sheep’s clothing, as I think we are about to find out.

    I’ll be delighted if I am proved wrong.

  10. tapestry says:

    No. His attitude runs separately to his physical characteristics.

    UKIP maybe played a key role in 2001 in pushing Conservative MPs towards IDS. But since that GE, the party has been of negative use to GEs.

    In Euro elections UKIP have shown what PR might do in Britain, which guarantees it would never be adopted here by Lib Dems or anyone else.

    Cameron is only one man in the total picture. If there are enough eurosceptic backbenchers, he will find his room to manoeuvre severely limited. That is the critical balance in this equation. If there are a majority of eurosceptic MPs in Westminster, increasingly willing to challenge Party whips, then the party leaderships cannot head for BRussels so easily.

    This is what Ukkipers must now take on board. The critical battle is in Parliament, not in the TV studio. The majority of Brits are already persuaded about the EU. UKIP should stand to one side, and campaign for eurosceptic Conservative primarily and other eurosceptic MPs.

  11. Robin says:

    The critical battle is in Parliament not in the TV studios you say but have been telling us that Cameron has been formulating policies on the basis of what the media would like.

    You`re right that UKIP should help EUrosceptic Conservative MPs. Both of them.

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