UKIP Must Learn The Error Of Their Ways

“European monetary union was a political project imposed on unenthusiastic electorates by political leaders in a hurry. However, it was based on some very bad economics and ultimately bad economics leads to bad politics which we are beginning to see.”

Labour MP Gisela Stuart writing in Die Welt, 6 May 2010

Imposing bad decisions on electorates is the way of uncaring governments acting under PR. Nick Clegg is keen to commit more such sins on the British people. Cameron will find it very hard to push forward his new European policy in these circumstances. UKIP voters were completely nuts ad are directly responsible for cramping Cameron’s determination to renegotiate Britain’s position. If only one quarter of UKIP had voted Conservative, Cameron would have had a majority and would not be needing to talk to Clegg.

The best thing he could do now would be to reform the electoral system, not to bring in PR, but to toughen up requirements for postal voting, proxy voting and ballot box voting to the point where the election results are not so variable depending on who is organising the collection of votes. Fraud is now such a big part of the system.

He needs to get the boundaries changed so that number of votes cast is reflected better in outcomes.

Then he needs to go to the country again, in an election where 10 million votes cast wins a majority.

How the proposed coalition will go is anyone’s guess. There could be serious difficulties in getting agreement between the parties on EU policy. Hopefully those in UKIP will learn from seeing what is about to happen.

As for Clegg demanding PR, Lib Dem MPs don’t want it. See Pulling Our Cleggs.

It’s a longterm EU objective to install PR in Britain. The Lib Dems, the dimmies chosen to bring it in on behalf of the EU, would be wiped out by it. They would lose the central role they now have in our politics. For the first time on record throughout history, turkeys are advocating Christmas. The few, who cooperate with the EU, like Blair and Clegg, know that their rewards come later.

It’s odd how UKIP keeps helping them.

UKIP nutters are proud of helping the EU.

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10 Responses to “UKIP Must Learn The Error Of Their Ways”

  1. Quiet_Man says:

    I’m sorry but you seem to be suggesting that UKIP voters should vote for one unpalatable party in order to oust another unpalatable party?
    The Tories lost because they couldn’t or wouldn’t attract voters like me by offering a referendum on leaving the EU, I don’t want negotiations, I want out, until then I like many other UKIP voters will not vote Tory.

    Now if I were to suggest that Tories vote UKIP, you’d come up with a similar argument.
    Cameron and his wishy washy EU policies (and his idiot environmentalism) cost him the election, not UKIP voters.

  2. tapestry says:

    Nice idea Quiet Man. But had Cameron broken with the media obsessions with climate and the EU, he wouldn’t have made it anywhere near to where he is.

    The game is to pretend to be europhile and climate obsessed to get media. Surely Ukippers can get it.

    But sadly you prefer your egocentric way of seeing things, and become easy meat for our enemies who flatter you with enough media to take votes and divide the eurosceptic resistance.

    Try to wise up.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I read the manifesto,s of all 3…..I smoke and don,t like Europe(promised a referendum by both sides)and made my decision on how it affected me…..the country has screwed me so it got it back in spades……

  4. Twig says:

    For the sake of pragmatism, I would agree with Lord Pearson’s idea of supporting EU sceptic Tories, but I don’t share your faith in Cameron or the Party as it stands.

  5. tapestry says:

    I understand your viewpoint. It’s just that it produces a wrong strategy. Cameron’s strategy is clear, not to mention or focus on the EU. But he moves against it when he can.

    You merely condemn the country to permanent slavery by not voting Conservative in General Elections.

  6. Robin says:

    Who is flattering me as a UKIP voter ?

    Who has helped the EU project more ,
    UKIP or the CONservatives ?

    We`ve learned that Cameron wants to woo EUrophiles more than EUrosceptics .

    And they way you describe him, Tap, makes him sound like a spiv.

  7. tovir says:

    The best thing to hope for, is that the financial crisis tears the European Union apart. That way backstabbing europhile Tories will be forced to support an independent Britain.

  8. tapestry says:

    Any strategy based on looking backwards is doomed to failure. Look ahead guys. How willo we get to where we want to get from where we are now, not from where we’d like to be?

    Cameron has made two decisions from the start – notto talk about Europe, but to move power back to Britain as he can. Look at his actions. He is playing the game of the possible.

    The Conservative leaderts who openly attacked Europe were assassinated, either literally like AIrey Neave, or metaphorically as Thatcher and IDS. It took Hague years to rebuild his credibiity after he was branded a right-winger in the media.

    Cameron understands the game.

    He will do whatever he can to get us out, but he won’t be talking about any of it.

    Robin, i like your omments but stop calling Cameron a spiv. It’s repetitive and not informative. Let’s hear some intelligent arguments, please, or I’ll delete in future.

    If only UKIP would look ahead and not backwards, you could be playing a pivotal role in getting Britain free. Right now you are helping our deadliest enemeies.

    Thank God Cameron got his nose far enough in front to stop a joint Labour/Lib Dem alliance. They cannot achieve an absolute majority even with the whole Celtic fringe. It’s a miracle in a way.

    He would be able to rely on support from a fracturing labour Party eurosceptic wing – Gisela Stuart who won Edgbaston by a whisker and maybe 20-30 others. There could at last be a eurosceptic majority in the Commons.

    Come on UKIP. Catch up. Get in the game. Vote Conservative in General Elections and we’re out.

    Right now you’re batting for the other side.

  9. Robin says:


    Tell us how we can vote to SHOW that there is a EUrosceptic conciense in this country .
    What parties are openly EUrosceptic ?

    When are you going to tell us that the Conservatives are firmly EUrosceptic ?
    When can you say “I told you so” when the Tories show they want to leave the EU ?

    Is it in days, weeks, months , years or never ?

  10. tapestry says:

    Voting UKIP in the Euro elections driving Labour and Lib Dem into 3rd and 4th places is a good enough demonstration of the eurosceptic conscience.

    A general about to fight a battle gets as many pieces onto the battlefield as he can before the scrapping starts. He will declare an intention either not to fight (Hitler) or an intention to fight elsewhere (Churchill D-Day) to keep the enemy confused. But when the moment comes, he fights on the primary battlefield.

    UKIP helps the enemy to keep more tanks (MPs) on the battlefield, while claiming to want to weaken the enemy. UKIP should not demand that Churchill declare an open intention to fight immediately and on all fronts. Churchill is an unknown right now (Cameron) and is untested. But there is no reason to suspect he is a bad C-I-C. His bluffs and double bluffs have been highly effective in winning power. Next time he could do it.

    UKIP should target specific seats, ten to twenty five at the most where the sitting MP is a known europhile, concentrate your attack and make your point that way. You could provide a more effective campaign without damaging your own cause by keeping more openly declared europhiles in their seats.

    In 2001 the issue of Europe was not on the political agenda and campaigning nationally helped to raise the issue in importance. But in 2010, the public are well aware of the EU and its ways.

    Without PR, there is only one party which will get Britain out of the EU. The fact that party is the same one that got us in should not be intellectually impossible to fathom.

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