A New Assertiveness In The Air

The election result is changing things. Brown is holed below the water line and is slowly sinking.

Conservatives are becoming more assertive. John Redwood’s blog this morning has three posts, all of which say the same thing. We’re moving forwards. (www.johnredwoodsdiary.com)

Here are two of the posts which give the flavour –

Time to speak for England
Posted: 09 May 2010 02:59 AM PDT
England gave the Conservatives a strong popular vote and a majority of the Parliamentary seats. It is time for us Conservatives to speak for England. For too long we have criticised but had to accept unbalanced devolution which allows Scottish MPs to determine English issues at Westminister, whilst only Scottish MSPs can determine Scottish issues in Edinburgh.

The English problem shows just how untenable Gordon Brown’s position is. He has no mandate to be the UK’s Prime Minister as the leader of the second minority party, but it is even worse for England where he is seeking to prevent the Leader of the majority party from making the decisions the English now wish to be made.

Lop sided devolution on Labour’s lines was always going to be damaging to the Union. We see just how unfair it now is. The position is untenable. Mr Brown has to go.

PS I am pleased to report that Conservative MPs are going to Westminster to meet on Monday, even though the authorities are not opening Parliament.

Two modest proposals
Posted: 09 May 2010 12:23 AM PDT
1. Parliament should meet on Monday. Leaders need to hear directly from colleagues in the new Parliament as they negotiate. The new Parliament needs to have more teeth than the old, and to do that it needs to meet more often.

2. The Conservatives won a clear majority of all the seats in England. Given nationalist views, we should have a majority for the proposition that from now on it should be English votes for English issues. Pass such a motion, and then Conservatives could appoint Ministers to the English Ministeries like Education, local government and transport, and at least get on with sorting out those backed by a good English majority in Parliament..

His third post says that there is an opening of minds happening at the BBC. This really is a change! The ignorance and effects of 13 years of Labour spin will take some shifting. But it’s starting, says John.

Amazing what a Hung Parliament can do. Roll on the Conservative majority Parliament, which could come next. But even now there is progress, and the Hung parliament could bring much beneficial change, even if the opening of closed minds is the most of it.

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3 Responses to “A New Assertiveness In The Air”

  1. mwapw says:

    Congratulations on your prediction. Where I live I’m still concerned about the sheer size of the postal vote. Up by 50%! from 17k to 25k (two seats). Almost 30% of the electorate… Wtf is going on/down. Just think of the effort required in organising this. Even if there was a coupon in the paper you have to be motivated to cut it out – but for postal votes there were none. Advertisers require 20+ exposures to make an impact – I saw NO advertising telling me how to vote by post. Apparently there were 7 million postal votes in the UK. Be good to meet up with you when you return. In the mean time, I’m drinking of the vine.

  2. tapestry says:

    I guess The Labradoodles (my term for the Liberal Conservative coalition will set about the voting system with gay abandon.

    What part do you live in, sandy?

  3. mwapw says:

    SM2 – not far from SW15!

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