Liberatory Referendum Test Number One

Wow! Things move fast these days. No sooner are the Clegg/Cameron Labradoodles installed in office, than they declare a referendum will be required on any further transfer of powers to Brussels. And then crash bank wallop, as if part of some pre-ordained plan – another day goes by, bang on cue, and Merkel is asking for more powers.

It’s taken thirteen years since the Referendum Party successfully blocked the Euro in 1997, and now in three short days, the battle lines are drawing up for the next sensational struggle to seize Britain’s independent financial existence.

From Open Europe –

Focus reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has insisted that EU Treaty changes are the only way to achieve the kind of EU budgetary surveillance and discipline measures Berlin is seeking. “We need a stronger oversight mechanism for the stability and growth pact and the European Commission can only make suggestions below treaty change,” said Merkel. “We believe that anyone aiming for a durable and robust stability pact has to take treaty change into account.”

Such a Treaty change would almost certainly have to be put to a referendum in the UK, as the Con-Lib Government’s “manifesto”, published yesterday, promises to oppose and/or hold a referendum on any further transfers of powers to the EU.

Talk about eleventh hour, but Cameron has successfully installed the necessary defences just before the latest Battle Of Britain begins. Is this a miracle, karma or what? Of one thing you can be sure. A major diplomatic, and financial battle is brewing.

Now come on Labradoodles, no caving in now. Not after all the promises.

Let’s fight on the beaches, in the fields and in the streets.

We shall never surrender.

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7 Responses to “Liberatory Referendum Test Number One”

  1. It will be interesting to see how they riggle out of it if the time comes.

    I wonder if that sly change to 55% before a government can be brought down might come in handy ? How bloody disgraceful is that!?

  2. tapestry says:

    Yes. It is disgraceful. What will be interesting is how Labour MPs react to everything. Will the party return to its roots and become eurosceptic?

    If the labradoodles don’t fight on the beaches at all but cave in, would Labour MPs form an alliance with Conservative rebels?

    I guess they were delaying the new Euro regime until after the British election is why it’s all happening so quickly.

    Cameron would have fought it before. Will he do so with Clegg in coalition. Clegg claimed to be in favour of the Euro. Has he really turned his coat?

    That damned rainbow poodle is starting to look like a good parallel.

    The joy at Brown moving on is tempered by concern at what kind of animal we now have in Downing St.

    The 55% thing is an obvious self-protection ploy – but who is it aimed at? eurosceptics? Liberal democrats? both?

    It will be a while before I understand exactly what we are observing.

  3. Robin says:


    I wish to fight on the beaches etc.
    Please tell us who is going to lead us and how.

  4. tapestry says:

    First out Foreign Secretary William Hague. Now don’t laugh. He says he’s going to.

  5. Robin says:

    So Hague is going to be EUrosceptic ?
    Will he be the norm for this coalition or out of kilter to it ?

  6. tapestry says:

    The power of the eurosceptics hangs on the balance of power within the Parliamentary Party. There are 50% new MPs, and we don’t know how their views pan out yet.

    If they are eurosceptic, Cameron, if he sells out, would be vulnerable to a vote in the 1922 committee, challenging his leadership. He could fall to a vote of confidence within this committee. Hague has to satisfy the eurosceptics or the regime could fall.

    If you lot had put another twenty eurosceptics in, that again might have made all the difference. But let’s look ahead to the next coming set-piece.

    If Cameron loves power, he will know how vulnerable he is to this ‘çonstituency’, and he will tread warily around it.

    The 1922 elects its leader this week I believe. The right wing of the Conservatives are the threat that could unseat Cameron from within, triggering his fall from the leadership, and force a general election.

    Get yourselves ready for this eventuality UKIP. Your votes could decide the balance of power decisively next time.

    You simply have to vote Conservative, and try to get eurosceptics into Westminster.

  7. Robin says:

    Look, if Conservative = EUrosceptic we would vote for them .
    But they aren`t so we don`t .
    Adding 20 Conservatives just means 20 more halfwits whose party does not want to “do Europe”.

    Tell us who these extra Tory MPs would be and how have they proved their EUrosceptic credentials .

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