Labour Postal Vote Scams Blocked Out Tory A Listers

Fears that the Commons would fill with Conservative MPs selected to type have not been realised.
Those who remember the results coming in on May 5th, election night, might recall that Labour held on to many of the top 100 Tory target seats, but strangely lost many outlier seats, which they might have been expected to hold. This was indicative of a different tactic being used in the closer seats, which was effective in stopping the Conservatives. That tactic was undoubtedly postal and other voting ‘efforts’, which were used only in seats that were expected to be lost otherwise.

The effect has been unintended. It did not stop Cameron becoming PM, of course. There could, however, be another more interesting effect.

Cameron had carefully selected the candidates going into the top 100 targets, imagining these seats would be the ones that were most likely to fall. A tendency not to rebel, and a likelihood to tow the party line was a quality high on the list of criteria for A List and other approved candidates for these seats considered the most likely to be won.

Yet these selected candidates are not the ones which made it to Parliament.

The outlier seats had candidates who were not expected to win, and who were not so carefully selected by Francis Maude and the A Listers. These were therefore more independent-minded candidates, no doubt more eurosceptic and willing to demand that common sense be observed rather than the needs of party machine and PR politics.

It is no surprise to find the newcomers, hatched as a rogue batch, as it were, are becoming active in seizing positions in the 1922 backbench committee, and demonstrating a streak of independence, which Cameron imagined he could easily suppress.

From Iain Dale on the 1922 elections which took place earlier this week –

I always said that the new intake of 148 Conservative MPs would want to do things their own way and so it is proving to be. I’ve just found out that no fewer than 12 of them are standing for election to the 1922 Executive tomorrow. An interesting figure that, considering there are exactly twelve vacancies. Anyone might think that someone was encouraging them… If I were a conspracy theorist I might also believe that their colleagues might vote for then en bloc to send a signal of real change.

The twelve new MPs standing are Harriet Baldwin, Gavin Barwell, Angie Bray, Jackie Doyle Price, Charlie Elphicke, Lorraine Fulbrook, Rob Halfon, Andrea Leadsom, David Nuttall, Priti Patel, Mark Reckless and Alex Sherbrook.

I am not good at the knowing or explaining any detail of the seats and the candidates to support my theory of the new Conservative MPs being more independent-minded than intended. But maybe this is one effect of the (On this occasion) unsuccessful Labour electoral fraud campaign – to bring in a livelier bunch of Conservative MPs to sit in The Commons than the control freaks wished. If it’s true, and there is a little evidence of this being the case, it would be a kind of karma.

Cameron clearly wanted an army of MPs obedient to his command. What he has got is starting to look something very different, a bunch of MPs who are made angry by course attempts to suppress their independence of mind. The intended Notting Hill clones have been conveniently screened out by Labour’s electoral methods.



EXTRACT – if Brown believes that Glenrothes-style tactics are capable of pulling off an election ‘victory’, Britain is indeed in big trouble.

With no democratic system in place capable of getting rid of him, Brown, in denial of all realities, shut off inside his one world government bunker, and dreaming messianic dreams of saving the world, will, without doubt, lead us on to financial and political disaster.

There are few words adequate to express the seriousness of the situation. All I can think of at this moment, is this –

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Gordon is convinced of Gordon’s rightness and his date with destiny as the world’s saviour, at the very pinnacle of the bureaucratic elite. As the Labour MP says, reality has to bite sometime. The problem is that with Gordon Brown, it never does.

Just the little matter of 100 ballot boxes and a few pieces of paper, and his journey to the very roof of the world can continue on to its inevitable conclusion. It seems that there is no one on this planet who is going to be allowed to stop him.

I was wrong. Roll forward David Cameron, assisted during the election campaign and after by Nick Clegg, who borrowed votes from Labour’s electoral hotspot, women aged 25-35, with whom Labour, despite Clegg, still had an 18% majority at the election. Conservatives had a majority of plus 11% with men of the same age. The result was nothing short of miraculous leaving Labour and Lib Dem combined well short of a working majority. Whatever we have now is by no means perfect, but think of what we have just escaped from – certain economic meltdown with Gordon Brown, to possible economic meltdown now. Things are moving in the right direction, at least, but the world has yet to face the real crisis which is now fast approaching.

Our escape to Conservative economic government is not one second too early.

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2 Responses to “Labour Postal Vote Scams Blocked Out Tory A Listers”

  1. Right, this weekend I will be walking the streets of Bracknell gathering signatures to have MP Philip Lee removed from office, to be the first MP to be removed from power.

    He is not a politician, he is a Doctor, and I would guess a pretty poor one at that without the ability to care for disabled children, someone who is simply a mouth piece for whatever his party wants, with out the ability to think for himself.

  2. tapestry says:

    As my brother works with adult autistics (and one of his sons) I see and hear a lot about autism, but what has that got to do with Philip Lee MP FHoE?

    Is he the MP for Daisy and is being criticised by Daisy’s mother for an administrative misunderstanding of her needs?

    That doesn’t read like a hanging case for Philip prima facie, although I understand the desperation of Daisy’s family. I am sure if you give your support, the MP will get up to speed pretty quickly. Job done.

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