Clegg Thanks UKIP

The colour of ties being worn by Liberatories has assumed more than the usual significance in recent days. Clegg’s yellow and Cameron’s blue are worn so obviously, both made from shiny silk, that you wonder who would be the first to dare to break away from their party’s identifying colour.

A striped yellow and blue would be an obvious choice as things progress, except eurosceptic Conservatives might see their party leader wearing EU colours as too toxic to be tolerable.

William Hague has had no trouble in sporting a matt yellow of mild colour, as if to show solidarity with his Lib Dem partners, but it is Clegg yesterday who strayed away from classic yellow.

And what did he choose, but UKIP’s purple? In this highly significant colour of tie environment, the message seems to be loud and clear. Thank you UKIP, for preventing Cameron from winning a clear majority. Clegg will no doubt show up in UKIP colours once a month to demonstrate his gratitude.

Now we find out that the Human Rights Act is not to be replaced with a British Bill Of Rights. Clegg has to say thanks to UKIP somehow for saving the first of the EU’s programmes.

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  1. Yeah nonsense, like Cameron’s hands are tied! The Conservative’s have wasted absolutely no time in ditching so-called Euro-sceptic policies. The Lib Dems have been a convenient scapegoat

    The signs were there before the election; “we want no bust up with the EU”, and “repatriate powers” (without specifying how that would be done – because it couldn’t)

    Try reading this Mr Tap:

    I said it here before and I will again, the Tories are blaming everyone else but themselves, it’s akin to a shopkeeper blaming his customers instead of looking at his own failed business model.

  2. Twig says:

    Looks like Cameron has been reading your blog:
    Being Bounced

  3. tapestry says:

    Timing is all, Frog. With the Euro fighting for its life, any strong moves to upset the Euro apple cart might be terminal. Merkel realises that saving the Euro equals saving the EU. Sarkozy too.

    If the neighbour’s house is burning, all we need do is not pump too much water, but just enough to be seen as neighbourly.

    Clegg’s UKIP tie is quite amusing in a way.

    Yes I agree the Lib Dems make a good excuse. But UKIP have to come to terms with reality. The Lib Dems would not be there were it not for UKIP.

    I’ll read your link now.

  4. tapestry says:

    Cameron? Lolz.

    That introduces my point well Twig. Cameron knows that the battle will be with his own backbenchers. He is attempting to quell any rebellion in advance of its happening, by neutralising the 1922 Committee. MPs must dig in and stop him.

    Going back to Synon and Boiling Frog, that is exactly my point. The battle ground proper is in Parliament and the more eurosceptic backbenchers you have in The Commons the faster you will be out of the EU. Or rebellious Labour MPs.

    Cameron will hope to be re-elected with Lib Dem support a second time. As I was writing months ago, if you pack the Commons with Conservative eurosceptic backbenchers, they will overpower any Conservative government’s preferences (or otherwise) to sell out.

    This week the critical moment will be the 1922 Committee’s formation and the election of its leader. Here is the axis of power. Not in wasted UKIP votes in a General Election.

    If UKIP vote Conservative and put in more MPs they limit Cameron much more successfully. That’s exactly my point.

    I won’t be stopping making it any time, until Ukippers get it, and bring their weight to bear on the real battle, not the fake one of flattering Farage’s ego, and pissing everything to the wind.

  5. tapestry says:

    Oh dear. They’ll live to regret that. All caught up with the moment. Cameron sensed he could close them out while he’s still flush with victory.

    It’s too soon to say which way things will go, but the sack Cameron option and replace him just got a whole lot harder.

  6. Robin says:

    OK Tell us who the extra Conservative MPs would be if it hadn`t been for UKIP and what evidence is there that they are EUrosceptic .

  7. tapestry says:

    They were listed out on Conservative Home Robin.

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