Chill. The Liberatories Are Not A Week Old.

Liberatories Restaurant, Bel Air, Washington, USA. Open for business as usual.
Too many bloggers and commentators are jumping in with both feet and either are resigning from blogging, such as Letters From A Tory, or from their Parties, people like Rob Renwick from the Lib Dems. Eureferendum has let rip with its most blood-curdling threats of the doom and gloom, which are all about to descend upon us, and much evidence they have to back up their beliefs and claims too. Guido’s off on a corruption angle against Spelman, the new minister of agriculture, sounding off his supicions about her associations with lobbying.

Everyone may be right. This might be the most corrupt government ever, sold out to the EU and big business, and Marx all at the same time. These Liberatories might be aliens in our midst from the planet Mong, their lizard skins sealed under their rubber suits. It is quite true.

But then a note of caution finds itself coming into my mind as I read all these negative outpourrings from the political blogosphere.

Hang on a minute. They haven’t done anything yet.

If we want to put them all in the dock, read out a list of charges, and bring convictions based on specific crimes they have committed, all well and good, but surely we should wait at least two weeks to ensure that the evidence is not merely circumstantial or imaginary, – even two months or even two years, before we finally order the dynamite and have it installed in the cellars underneath The Palace Of Westminster.

By the same token, others have gone the other way and are giving a ludicrously happy overreaction at the installation of two good-looking well-spoken clones, parallelling Morecambe & Wise, and other double acts, as Cleggasm and Cameron charm us into submission to their power. But at least taking an optimistic slant leaves open the possibility they might do some good for society before they are through with us.

For both the optimists and the pessimists, it’s great to be rid of Gordon Brown, Mandelson, Blair, Campbell and many others from the New Labour lying factory, but given how much latitude we gave that lot for nearly fifteen years, or so, can we not even find it in our hearts or minds to give the new lot the time it takes to show what they are truly made of.

Four days are not enough.

Yes they might be quislings, corruption-hungry Labour clones, and possess as many evils as people can imagine, but in that number of people, there must be other potential present.

The Liberal Tories might give between a quarter to a half of the population political indigestion, but in the end of the day, they are all just people. And as we know, in all groups of people, there is a mix of good and bad, of great talent combined with low trickery, a mix of genuine aspiration and of selfish motivation. Life was never so simple as to be all bad or all good.

Time is all I ask, and not much of it. Try to keep a cool head just for two short weeks, and then declare your innermost feelings and fears. In the meantime just go with the flow, folks. Don’t flush the Liberatories down the loo just yet. They might have some good aspects to surprise us with, other than great acting and presentational skills.

The credit crisis is a huge event which will take years to unravel, and will bring our country low. We will need to find as much good as we can from our new government, whatever their faults. It is at times like this that positive thinking will become absolutely essential. The luxury of sulking is not going to help at all. We have to build a new economy, and ensure that stupid ideas are stopped, and that good ideas are adopted. We have to engage. We may not like the Liberatories as our government, but that is what we’ve got. We must make the most of it, or we will be the losers.

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3 Responses to “Chill. The Liberatories Are Not A Week Old.”

  1. Riddick says:

    On an older topic, The Liberatory Referendum Test – I think Gerald Warner put it right: “The Junta of National Salvation”

  2. tapestry says:

    Warner is a great writer, in the Simon Heffer genre. He is no doubt right that Cameron is tradeable, but he/we don’t yet know if he’s a sell-out or the opposite, playing the filthiest game known to man – that of winning power over others.

    The Queen looked delighted to be greeting her fifth cousin. Yes he’s shifty, is quick to act impulsively and offend tradition, but is he really keen to end British independence?

    Or fight for it?

    I don’t think we know yet. All commentators are adopting an attitude of negativity. Wow! Remember how they crawled all over Blair for ten years. These are the same people. They were wrong before.

  3. Robin says:

    All groups are composed of good and bad people you say but condemn the Labour party outright .
    Also you tell us that we mustn`t criticise the coalition because it is new but you`ve given a whole post to singing its praises .

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