British Bloggers Incapacitated By Emotion And Fatigue

I asked the folk on PB if everyone in Blighty was pissed, as they’re all writing stuff that doesn’t make much sense. One commenter replied that after thirteen years of Gordon Brown, the country is now officially pissed for a week.

I replied – Thought so. Guido’s writing gibberish. Smithson’s doing endless continuity threads. Conservativehome’s stuck in 2008, hardly able to comment on current reality. I’ll try again tomorrow. You’re all tired and emotional right now, poor dears.

I’ll come back online in the morning and see if the writers fuzz has passed.’ I guess the end of Gordon Brown is simply too much to take, his resignation came so fast. It’s bound to hit people.

In Clegg’s speech, he had about ten words of accolade for Brown, and that was well enough. There were no standing ovations in the Commons this time. People just cannot believe they are shot of him, Mandelson, Whelan, Blair and Campbell, the whole bloody rotten lot of them, and are reeling in shock that finally the bunker has been breeched.

Clegg tricked Brown into going, which was pretty nifty. He told Labour that if Brown went he’d make a deal with a new generation leader, but then didn’t. He deserves a lot of credit for that. Brown would not have stood down otherwise. And yet Brown’s going set in motion the ‘Labradoodle’ coalition, and Labour were neatly manoeuvred out of the picture.

Clegg seems workmanlike and far more interested in talking to people and is less obsessed with himself than Brown as is Cameron. Clegg spoke of a new kind of politics coming in, which he said, would not only be possible, but better. It is a relief to have people like him and Cameron having a go. It is almost too much to take in that the evil bastards who have lied to us for 13 and more years, have finally gone. No wonder people in Blighty are currently totally overwhelmed.

We really do deserve better. How the hell have they kept themselves in power so long? My answer to that would be libelous, but the improvements to voting practices will tidy up a lot of the reasons why. I sincerely hope Britain never has to endure a period of endless lying like this ever again. It erodes the human spirit and drives people out of the country.

I for one am heading home to live in Britain again next week. It might be coincidental, but subconsciously I thought we would have Cameron as PM when I made the decision to return home. In fact we do, just that it’s in different circumstances. I wouldn’t even consider it if those lying evil half wits were still in power. It was too awful to take. See you next week, folks, volcanoes permitting. I’m coming home after four years. Yes it is emotional for me too.

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5 Responses to “British Bloggers Incapacitated By Emotion And Fatigue”

  1. Robin says:

    So Clegg is one of the good guys now is he ?
    UKIP bad, LibDems good .

    Tories who say they are blue combining with yellow LibDims.
    Blue + yellow, whose flag is that ?

  2. Twig says:

    I didn’t know you were an expat.
    What is England’s main draw for you?

    great weather? great food?
    low taxes? multiple cultures?
    high living standards?
    low cost of living?

    or has your visa expired?
    If it’s the visa, just tear up your passport and claim asylum. The UK is probably worth a miss for the next decade or so, while we try to extricate ourselves from the results of thirteen years of communism.

    WV: likegoo

  3. Change everything into dollars mate, you will be getting here just as it all hits the fan.

  4. Twig says:

    Reading this on Lord Tebbit’s blog and in view of Dave’s decision to cancel the referendum I don’t hold out much hope for any kind of resistance to the march of the eurocrats:

    “The very DNA of Mr Clegg, his family connections to the wealthy European establishment and his Brussels career will always guide him to favour the EU rather than this country…”

  5. tapestry says:

    Hague is foreign secretary, not Clegg, Twig. There is clearly some kind of agreement that there will be referenda on transfer of powers.

    Clegg owes everything in his career so far to his love of Brussels, and his European connections.

    He reversed his promise to hold a referendum on Lisbon. Maybe he’s making false promises a second time. Maybe Hague is making false promises.

    Maybe maybe. We don’t to guess much longer. This is the pudding eating time.

    I share your fears Twig. But try to see solutions too. If Clegg is a personally ambitious politician, he will drop the EU if he can see the way ahead is better without them.

    The EU empire is approaching its denouement with the $1 trillion bail-out, which is ten times what Europe and the US can afford, and only one tenth of what is needed. This financial hole is too big to fix.

    Cameron and Clegg will not want to fail. The EU used to be a free ride up. It’s now a doomed roller coaster to oblivion. The coming crash will change everything.

    Churchill changed sides now and again (twice). It might be a sign of realising when the game is up.

    Re returning to UK, my personal life is a big part of the decision, if I’m honest, but I feel hope where none existed under Labour.

    Robin, blue and yellow – Green? or EU? UKIP is good in all things bar general elections where they are used to hurt the Conservatives, and themselves. Points covered above.

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