Apologies To Readers

From Robin, a commenter – BTW, Have had a lot of trouble with the slowness and other glitches of your blog – it may be my computer. First time today I could get through

Also I’ve had my password compromised three times in the last two weeks, and various emails people have sent to me have not arrived.

This is typical pre-election harassment.

The only good thing is that they cannot attack my phone as I’m not using it.

Let’s hope things get back onto an even keel once the election is over.

It’s a shame that Yasin’s ‘The Conservative Blog’ collapsed at the same time, as we were were getting 5000 page downloads a day there, and that would have been about 10,000 a day in the run up to the election. But such are the ways of the powers that be. They don’t need laws to stop bloggers they don’t like. They use other more direct and devious means.

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